Slutever Vaj T-Shirt… Second Edition!

They’re baaack, by popular demand! Lol. No but honestly, vaginas are really in these days, so I figured I should cash in by making a second edition of my wonderful and politically relevant vaj T-shirts. Buy one now and become instantly popular! If you’re not convinced, then please check out the following photos of the Slutever Vaj Tee looking stylish on a variety of cool people:

Convinced? :)

This is a limited edition run of 200 shirts. They run in mens sizes S-M-L-XL. They are sized like American Apparel T-shirts. To give you a reference, all the girls in the top photo are wearing smalls.


Email me at to request a shirt. Include your full name, your address, and the size you want in the email.

Once you get a confirmation email from me, you can Paypal me the cost + shipping at 

Price: $40 (U.S. dollars) plus shipping

Shipping cost: $5 for America, Canada and Mexico; $10 for anywhere else

Thanks! xoxo



12 Replies to “Slutever Vaj T-Shirt… Second Edition!”

    1. Well my blog is free, so when you think about it, $40 for a lifetime of sexual enlightenment isn’t so bad!! :)

  1. Yeah, $45 is more than a fair trade for all the words that are fit to print here! If that’s like a subscription to the blog, I’ll take it. Plus a t-shirt.

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