New Slutever VICE Show: Ep 1: Male Sex Dolls

After a 3 year hiatus, the VICE Slutever show is back with four new episodes! #SexualLollercoaster

Hi, it’s Karley. So, as a lot of long time followers of this site know, back in 2012 I started making the VICE Slutever Show, which was a somewhat satirical but ultimately heartfelt sex-ed series (but not the sort of sex-ed you got in high school). Over the course of the series, I took blowjob lessons from a male escort, got a lesbian makeover, traveled to London to drink pee cocktails, practiced tantric sex with Bad Grandpa, and lots of other slutty/intellectual stuff. It was an enlightening journey.

Now, four years after the initial Slutever series, I’ve once again teamed up with my pal, and OG VICE director/producer Adri Murguia, to make a new, more in-depth version of the Slutever series. In my years of writing and researching this topic, what I’ve always felt is missing from the discourse around sexuality is a sense of self-awareness—the ability to laugh at oneself, and to admit that sex, kink, fantasy, and relationships can be really ridiculous sometimes. This isn’t physics—we can’t solve a mathematical equation that will give us concrete answers about love or desire. In general, everyone is (almost) equally clueless when it comes to sex and love. We should embrace our cluelessness, and be curious about sexuality, rather than being all cheesy and preachy and erotic fiction-y. Our goal with this new Slutever series is to be very open and analytical about sex, but with a sense of humor.

This time around, the show is less sex-ed and more sexual discovery. In Slutever (“reloaded”), we open doors to bedrooms, dungeons, and cray sex laboratories that you never dreamed existed. It’s a series about finding the humanity in people and sexual practices that are often stigmatized or considered taboo. So if you’re interested in stuff like eerily human male sex dolls, abduction fantasies, and rent-a-boyfriend services—or if you’re just interested in approaching the subjects of sex and intimacy in a curious and open-minded way, then follow me into the complicated, mysterious, and often seemingly random labyrinth of human sexuality.

In the first episode of this brand-new season, we’re exploring the world of life-like custom male sex dolls and meeting the team pioneering the perfect plastic fuck buddy for women.

I hope you enjoy the series. And I hope you leave this episode feeling a little bit more enlightened, a little bit less judgmental, and a little more horny than you were before. I love you.

The show is directed/produced by Adri Murguia; Rachel Rapkin is the associate producer; Tyler Weinberger does cinematography; Karley Sciortino is host and co-producer



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