AHHH!!! A Slutever zine is finally here! It’s a wonderful little book made up of some of my favorite stories from the blog, as well as some new stuff, and lots of hot photos of boys jerking off or making out or being high or whatever! Slutever is published by Rayner Books, the new publishing imprint started by my good friend, photographer Ben Rayner, who shoots for Vice and Vogue and like a million other magazines. The zine officially comes out on Jan 17th, but you can pre-order it on the Rayner Books website now. It’s only £7 and there are a limited number of copies, so like take the hint. BTdubz the Slutever zine also makes wonderful masturbation material, as well as a fantastic gift for mom!

Slutever is the first in a series of 12 zines coming out on Rayner Books, one for every month in 2011. Future zine-makers in the series include one of my favorite photographers, Sandy Kim. Her pictures are gross but also sexy and tend to involve her own period a lot of the time. There will also be a zine by the amazing Milo Cordell, member of band The Big Pink and founder of Merok Records. Check it out!

Here’s a sneak peak of the inside:



19 Replies to “SLUTEVER ZINE!!!”

  1. I'm not sure exactly when they will arrive. They will be shipped out from London on the 17th, so normal mail time from then! Thanks!! x

  2. if you wrote a full-out book, or like, published the entirety of your blog in a coffee-table book, I'd buy it. It would be fun to freak out the Jehovah's Witnesses when they knock and I carry it to the door.

  3. You can get it anywhere in the world, you just have to pay £1 extra if you are outside the UK. Check the Rayner Books website!

  4. are these zines being delivered by carrier pigeon or what! its been out for three days UK orders should of been delivered now :/

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