Squally Rota

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

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3 Replies to “Squally Rota”

  1. good luck with that – clearly a rota drawn up by people who never do their own cleaning – you seriously gonna clean each room every day? as if! not even my anally retentive cousin Hattie would do that.10/10 for enthusiasm tho. heh.

  2. what happens if housemates start planning to disappear off for “work” or “family” commitments or holidays, over the days they are supposed to clean up? Is there a contingency plan? do they arrange to swap days? or is a log book kept of how many days each person has missed so that in the case of a shortage of bodies on a particularly hot rot-inducing summers day, the book can be referred to, to call upon the slackers to forfeit their plans for the day and make up for missing duties the first time round, with the additional duties required for that day. will there be a limit to how many time a person can skip their duties before some course of action is to be taken? is there a contract of some sort, which all house mates have agreed to, outlining the rules and conditions for these tasks. so that in the case of a dispute, someone can tap their index finder on the contract and win all arguments?? what happens if a problem (e.g. leaky pipe, freezer defrosting, dead rats, bag of shit [as you’ve previously described existing at Squallyoaks]) is discovered but then left (or hidden) for someone else to find and sort out the next day?

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