Squallyoaks Gets Bombed… Sort Of

I was at home last night trying to make an instructional video on how to wash your hair when you have no shower and no hot water, when my flatmate Dominic came running into the room, screaming about how someone had planted a bomb in our back garden. Well, actually, that’s not the most accurate interpretation of what happened, and the mysterious object in the back garden wasn’t a bomb per se, but it was something that kind of looked like a bomb, and it was bleeping and alarming like a bomb, so I’m just going to call it a bomb. So now I am convinced that someone is trying to kill us. I got it all on tape. See for yourselves.




9 Replies to “Squallyoaks Gets Bombed… Sort Of”

  1. Somehow this doesn’t surprise me… this kind of things can only happen at Squally! WTF(and I love how Dom is still the only one who takes things seriously and thinks of calling the police while everyone else is laughing and screaming for effect… reminds me of wall destruction day)

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