Squallyoaks RIP Party

Bye! Again!

I’ve been living in New York paying rent, owning a cell phone, and being an adult for 8 full months now. Time flies! However I still keep in touch with my ex-squatmates back in London, as I just don’t feel complete unless I’m up to date with every detail of their squatty lives–everything from what janky warehouse they’re currently occupying, to how many bumps of K they each consume daily. Aww, I really miss those maniacs!

Anyway, soon after I left London everyone got kicked out of the building we were living in (the one where we slept in tents), and ended up moving back into the giant office building we squatted during the second half of 2009, pictured above. (You can read about some stuff that went on there HERE and HERE and HERE if you like.) They lived there for about four months before being evicted last week, and they had a big party to say goodbye. Below are some pics from the fiesta. Looking at these made me feel really nostalgic. That building was defs one my favorite versions of Squallyoaks.

Our cat William got hit by a car and now walks with a limp and has to wear this giant skull cone.

Pics @ Darren Cullen and Dale Slater



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