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I’ve always been slightly skeptical of female ejaculation, because… what the fuck is it? I’d seen girls squirt in porn but I always just assumed they’d sneakily shoved some water up there off camera, and then were squeezing it out with their vagina muscles on command. Or that they were peeing. I have a friend who says she’s a squirter, and that her ejaculations aren’t necessarily in synch with her orgasms, but rather that they happen sporadically during intercourse and are beyond her control. But then when she was drunk once she told me, “to be honest it might actually be pee”, which kept me unconvinced. I recently asked Google for the answer but still couldn’t find one. Actually, the ‘female ejaculation’ Wikipedia is very disappointing. (“The exact source and nature of the fluid continues to be a topic of debate among medical professionals and is related to doubts over the existence of the G-spot.”) Squirting: a mystery of modern science. 
Then, at a party last weekend I met a girl called Jacqueline who told me she was a squirter, and that she could ejaculate and hit a wall 5ft away. She said that every girl has the potential to squirt as long as she knows the correct method, and that the correct method involves “pushing out and finding the spongy part on the inside of your vaj that kind of feels like cauliflower and banging on it.” I was intrigued. I then mentally revisited “The Vice Guide to Female Ejaculation”, an article written for Vice by the very funny Amy Kellner in 2006, where she also claims that all girls are potential squirters, and to do it you just have to locate your G-spot and give it a rub. Amy said, “If you stick your finger in your vagina and make a “come here” gesture, you’ll notice a spongy, bumpy area on the upper wall an inch or two in from the opening. That’s it. You just have to relax and if it feels like you’re gonna pee, don’t hold it in.” It made me sad to think that these girls knew more about my own vagina than me, so I politely asked Jacqueline to give me some squirting lesson in the bathroom.

We’d only known each other for about 17 minutes but for some reason it felt totally appropriate that she had nearly her entire hand inside me as I sat on the floor of the restaurant bathroom. She was really far in, like all the way at the back, in a place not many have ventured before if I’m honest. “Now push out”, she was saying, “push out so I can find the cauliflower.” Eventually I guess she found it because she was going at it pretty hard, and it felt good and stuff, but nothing happened. I felt like a failure.

After a while she gave up and decided to demonstrate on herself. She took my hand and shoved it inside her and said “feel that?” and I said “Ooooh yeeeaah”. It did feel like cauliflower. Then she told me to press on it hard like hitting a button over and over again. Weirdly, this moment wasn’t very “sexy”. It felt more like science than sex really. An experiment, if you will. Within about 30 seconds of me pressing the button she squirted, and it was not just pee. I don’t know what it was–it wasn’t yellowish at all, but it didn’t look like cum either. It had the consistency of pee but was almost greyish in color, sort of like dishwater? And it squirted really forcefully, like shot out a couple feet from her vagina in a series of spurts, and actually kind of got all over me, but I was too impressed to care. Also I tasted it and it tasted like salty water, almost like tears but from the vagina.


But what is it if it’s not pee or cum? And where is that liquid stored? Does it just chill there in some secret pouch hidden behind the vagina? And if so, why don’t I have that pouch?

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  1. Buy this book! It is full of corny, "empowerment"-type language, but it will answer your questions, and hopefully make you squirt all over the place.

  2. Of course it didnt worked for the first time… its like "normal" orgasms, someone gets it instantly, someone has to learn it… and your muscles have to learn it too….Its nice and very chalenging to experiment with it manually, but its easier to learn it if you first save yourself some time and use a supsuperstrong vibrator, (like this one: http://thebedroombanter.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/HTM-1.jpg ) which in most cases means immediate succes…just go through your usual masturbation agenda, give yourself some superhard orgasms, and stimulate the spot mentioned below… after that, when you know what muscles to work its easier to learn the more tiring, but sometimes more pleasing manual way, which gonna take a while of course…at first time the best location is the privacy of your bathroom, and it will also save you some of the cleaning… ….buy rechargeable batteries to your vibrator to protect the enviroment and save some money….and you also should'nt forget that this thing is highly addictive…but on the other hand, most of the other things you can make in your freetime are usually less rewarding… and have a good time dear Karley! X

  3. I strongly recommend you not to try it too hard. I have always masturbated on that area and it only makes your orgasms less dependent of your clit in sexual intercourse or whatever.There is a very famous japanese male porn actor who is pioneer in this whole squirting stuff. And that 'work your muscle' counselling sounds stupid. Are we making abs?

  4. Well i don't have a coliflower either but when i masturbate pressing that spot and orgasm i get something like some expulsion of something like dense pussy juice? Like a trasparent spit. So that i call my ejaculation.Since it is difficult to get with a dick, stick to your clit. I've noticed my clit is more numb after i discovered it and started uhm like abusing it?

  5. I squirt almost every time I have (good) sex. It can get annoying after a while, tbh. But it can also be super hot in a messy, animalistic way. You can totally do it, slutever. Just practice more!So much of sex for women is in the mind…I had an ex boyfriend who LOVED it and would fuck me/use his fingers/a vibrator until I did it, every single time. So I just kind of trained my body to do it anytime a sexual situation arises. Maybe someday I'll get good enough at it to squirt while giving a blowjob. If that happens, fuck it, I'm quitting my job and becoming a porn star.

  6. Yeah I squirt too, almost always. Sometimes I hold myself back to avoid a mess. Still convincing myself that it isn't pee, although it doesn't really smell like pee, but sometimes I wonder. It's actually kind of annoying to happen all the time.

  7. I squirt, too. But with me it has nothing to do with the orgasm, more like the pre.orgasm thing… and it's just clear liquid. I think it varies from girl to girl; the way and when of squirting, you should try experimenting until you finally do it… It is possible for every girl to squirt.

  8. I don't think there is a definitive one-size-fits-all squirting trick. When I squirt, it's not from doing the come-hither motion on the spongy parts or rubbing my clit- nor does it necessarily mean that I had an orgasm. It's happened from every position and while receiving oral. It doesn't feel at all like peeing so, although I could be wrong about this, I don't think the juice comes from the urethra. Remember watching a vhs of feminist short films in middle school that had women masturbating and squirting in black and white… it is kind a neat thing but don't stress it bro

  9. My girlfriend ejaculates, but it actually has nothing to do with her "spongy" parts or whatever. It is always from me sucking on her clit and it takes about two seconds. She's had as many as 15 ejaculations during one fuck and she normally has 5 or 6. She comes so much that we have to constantly steal towels from the gym, friends' houses, fancy restaurants just to try to keep up with the amount of fluid that is coming out of her and our house constantly smells like some kind of fuck/urine thing.She also has a separate orgasm which is much bigger than the ones she has when she comes, which is also from playing with her clit but not as direct as sucking on it. We'll use a vibrator to get to this one and these are HUGE, but they take much longer to work up. These will last about 20 seconds and then at the end of one of these she starts to ejaculate also. Sometimes it is a little tiny bit, like a dribble, and then sometimes we have to buy a new mattress (seriously).

  10. Also, I've read somewhere that the percentage is 10% which is funny because I've had sex with just over 20 women and been with exactly 2 ejaculators… so that's pretty good math.

  11. Oh. my. God. Did it just to see what would happen! AndddIt just happened. I just went and sat on the toilet and pushed the rough thing. It doesn't feel like any type of veg though. And I pushed and rubbed for a few minutes and felt a need to pee. I stopped rubbing and "pee'd". I caught some with my hand and couldn't believe it! Grey liquid. And then yes. Tasted it. Tasted like tears! Insane! That has never happened. Keep trying!

  12. OMEG. I tried squirting once by chance when I had this HUGE orgasm. But after reading this I tried it out for my self. And it happened. Thrice. Wow.THANK YOU Karley, for bringing up this topic, you've seriously revolutionized my one-man sexual life – I'm sure It'll eventually work out for you!

  13. I've been doing it since I was 15 and never even bothered to question something that clearly felt awesome, and made my sex life a lot more enjoyable no matter who it was with. In no way does it ever feel like I am pissing. It's "confusing" but it doesn't have to be if you just let yourself enjoy it.

  14. http://www.njoytoys.com/products/purewand.phpI never squirted before I got this. It is crazy. You use a rocking motion on the g spot… and yah for me it was kind of something I had to get used to. Confusing but awesome feeling?… If I haven't gone to the bathroom recently, it does smell a bit like pee. Which is kind of upsetting… But it's definitely an orgasm…

  15. I've been looking for this, too. The fluid in genuine female ejaculation is from the periurethral glands/Skene's glands/g-spot – the female prostate (which in guys is where their ejaculatory fluid comes from) – and comes from the urethra. Surely there aren't enough secreting glands in the vagina to produce and expel the amounts of liquid that can come out of a person. Men and women have equivalents of all body parts and organs (except the uterus?) because all fetuses are female til the hormones kick in at 7 weeks, so I figured women have prostate glands too and found that they do and even that 0.3% of female genital cancers are of the female prostate (or whatever name you give it). Different women have different hormone levels, so some squirt more easily maybe because their glands are more developed. But I've tried to make myself squirt and had guys try too, and I haven't been able to… yet (though it's felt like I've come close to it, with the whole weird needing-to-pee feeling).

  16. WHAT? I'm so jealous/confused. I partly think you squirters just pee and when you see it, it's not in a toilet so it looks grey, and when you taste it you think it doesn't taste like pee…but when did you taste your own pee? I'm also jealous cause I'd like to be able to cum like that, it feels like it should happen.

  17. Oh, c'mon… its body fluid and its coming from a very close location like pee, but its deifenately not pee, its liquid and your body produces it around your G spot… other then that, if someone is like a really intensive squirter those can shot up to the ceileing with it… with pee it would be a bit harder because its comming out from you in a different angle…

  18. karley – look up cytheria. there's some vid for before she became a fully fledged porn star that's good.

  19. When I fuck a guy for the first time I like to get on top and grind until I breathlessly tell him that I can squirt/am about to, then I squirt on his stomach and rub it around on his chest. Never stops being awesome. I also squirt when getting fucked from behind and with direct clitoral stimulation with a strong vibrator, but it has less velocity that way. As for the eternal is-it-pee question I confess to not being really sure – it's clear and salty and warm, and gets warmer when I have a fever. And when I squirt from g-spot stimulation it seems to happen right after a g-spot orgasm, not during it. Also, whatever is in my vag doing its job needs to be removed before I squirt, which leads me to believe that it's coming from in there and not my pee-hole. But who knows.

  20. Love that you have brought this topic up. I have squirted just once, when trying out a new vibrator. At the time I was a pretty shocked, as I thought squirting was a porn myth. I was happy to have been masturbating on the bathroom floor at the time! It did have the consistency and temperature of pee, but definitely not the bladder feeling associated nor the smell, it came out of my urethra. I was nervous about having sex the next few times after that, as I didn't know how it would be received by my partner. I've never squirted since…

  21. MY TOTALLY SUBJECTIVE TWO CENTS:I don't squirt every time I have sex, but there are some tricks. It helps if you've already come once or twice, so the cauliflower/gspot/whatev is naturally stimulated along with the rest of your vag. Also it happens more often if you're SUPER turned on, for whatever reason. Fingering is probably the easiest way to do this, and you have to finger yourself pretty damn hard and fast, so you want to use your third and fourth fingers (for some reason they tend to be stronger than just your index and your third??). Pushing out at the same time usually helps. And when you feel like you're about to do it, keep going and then time pushing out with withdrawing your fingers. It's good to combine clit stimulation with fingering too. The spot isn't necessarily in the same place for everyone else – for me, it's pretty low down and nowhere near as high as yours is. And once you start, you can literally keep going for hours. GOOD LUCK! It's awesome.

  22. I squirted once by myself. With the help of this book:Female Ejaculation & the G-Spot, Deborah Sundahl, 2003.I orgasm easily by hand or with a vibrator. And if I'm on top with a partner. But not when he's on top. Still figuring that out.But reading the book, I was able to ejaculate within the hour. Granted it was a quiet hour. Away from the computer. With the phone off. Laid some towels down underneath me. And got into my own private unhurried place. I rubbed my g-spot with out a vibrator. I think the quiet unhurried thing is the most challenging thing for most women. But trust me it pays off.

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