Searching for Threesomes at Mon Chalet, Colorado’s Infamous “Adult Lifestyle” Hotel

Writer Solomon Words details his foray into the swinger world with a trip to Mon Chalet, an “adult lifestyle” hotel with a rich and sinful history. Photo by Jonathan Leder.

On a never ending sexual quest my Lady Friend and I, both at the age of twenty-nine, set out to have as many threesomes with other women as we could. We began our grassroots campaign clueless and hopeful.  After numerous attempts of luring women home with the promise of unlimited weed and booze we managed to have one very dramatic and awkward threesome that left much to be desired.  There could only be so many times that two wildly sexed horn dogs could be “honey potted” in the comforts of my own apartment.  We decided to set our sights higher for our sexual exhibitions.

Our destination was the Mon Chalet, an unassuming looking motel located on the rather infamous East Colfax Ave. in Aurora, CO. Playboy mag once called Colfax “The longest, wickedest street in America”.  Times have changed on Colfax, a skeleton of what use to be a one stop shop for any vice you could imagine; drugs, guns, prostitutes, pawn shops and dive bars. But even with its skeletal remains, Colfax has plenty to offer in 2015. With the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, the city of Denver and its surrounding metro areas have seen a boom in population for the green gold rush.  Neighborhoods now have more dispensaries on each block than Starbucks.

To the naked eye, The Mon Chalet looks like any other motel on the strip of east Colfax, though maybe the gated entrance gives some hint that not anyone can stroll in there and get a room. Mainly because the Mon Chalet is an established adult resort, the only of its kind in Colorado since the 60’s. I was born and raised in Colorado, and have primarily lived here my whole life, but it wasn’t until my later years that I found out what the Mon Chalet was about, even then not to the degree of what I know now. When the idea came about for my Lady Friend and I to go to the Mon Chalet, the sole purpose was to find other women to have sex with, which for us is like our ultimate goal in life for some reason.

Not knowing what to expect on our first night, I talked to a fellow co-worker who frequented the Mon Chalet in the early 2000’s. He told me in his deep raspy voice “Expect a lot of fuckin niggas who can’t get no pussy jerking off watching you fuck, and don’t expect to see any bitches built like Pamela Anderson, baby!” His words resonated with me, and added to my already building excitement. Friday night finally rolled around and my lady friend and I were on top of our six-o’clock check in. We got in our room, and both of our eyes lit up, amazed at the quality of the space seeing that it’s an adult motel on East Colfax. We were in aww—the mirrored canopy over the bed, the sex swing, the sex chair, the bubble lamps, the red lights, the steam shower, the bidet, and the twelve plus channels of free porn on the flat screen TV! Truly a wet dream for any sex crazed male or female.

In addition to the fully equipped guest rooms, the Mon Chalet has an indoor pool and hot tub that is clothing optional. It is a communal space where guests come together to swim, or soak in one of two hot tubs and to, well…fuck. There is plenty of fallacious activity that happens in the pool and hot tubs where the mood is set by big projector screens with more porn playing on them, but also in the designated “play area,” which is basically an unregulated king sized bed. On our first night there were about eight couples, bodies intertwined with each other that resembled a swingers orgy. We shied away from the play area and decided to join an older couple in the hot tub. I immediately stripped naked, and while my lady friend was hesitant at first of taking off her bathing suit, she quickly realized that being nude in such a place was quite the norm. Body types of all sizes large to small walk around freely which makes for a high comfortablity level, and being nude at The Mon Chalet is more lifestyle driven than a bunch of perverts ogling each other. However, a unique body does go a long way in there.

Once we got into the hot tub with the older couple, the lady who we later gave the name of “Grandma” politely greeted us, we talked to her and her husband a bit about the history of the Mon Chalet and some of the changes that had happened in the establishment over the years.  A few minutes went by before my Lady Friend and I felt comfortable, but soon I was watching the older couple as they watched my girl give me head. “Grandma” then swam over by us and said “You have a beautiful cock.” My Lady Friend and I both laughed, I told her thanks, and she replied by asking “Can I suck it?” My eyes got big, I looked over at my Lady Friend, and before I knew it “Grandma” was going for the gold. After about thirty seconds she stopped and locked eyes my Lady Friend, and in a split second they were making out passionately. It was later confirmed that “Grandma” had no bottom teeth, which creeps my Lady Friend out to this day. I however find it hilarious.

A few hours and a bottle of whiskey later we found the threesome we were looking for with a woman who was third-wheeling with another party of people. No names or phone numbers were exchanged, not much talking occurred, just three consenting adults getting what we all wanted. When we laid down and called it quits our hands and feet were pruned from the heavily chlorinated pool and hot tub water. My mind was racing—for the obvious, sexy reasons, but also because experience a swingers’ lifestyle left me slightly confused and curious to know more about how committed couples are able to find the trust in one another to let a complete stranger have sex with their spouse or partner. Many of the people I know who are in monogamous relationships would shun and look down on such acts, but in light of the recent Ashley Madison scandal it seems monogamous relationships aren’t safe, either.

After experiencing the Mon Chalet, I realized that swingers seem to have more open dialogue about their relationships, which leads to more trust and potentially a more genuine, happy life together. I’ve seen both sides of the fence, and appreciate what both have to offer. Thanks to the Mon Chalet I stand on a bridge in between both lifestyles, questioning where true happiness lives in a relationship. But right now I’m toying with the idea of: A couple who fucks other people together, stays together.

Solomon Words is a writer and hip-hop artist living between New York City and his hometown of Colorado, and is generally busy creating stuff and binge watching The X-Files.



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