The Year in Sex: A Look Back at 2015

For my latest Vogue piece, I did a recap of all the best sex stuff that happened in 2015 (aka the year that LOVE WON) from the year’s sexiest movies, to the best TED Talk on relationships, to the pop culture icons who are revolutionizing the way we think about sexual identity.

Read it HERE :) – Karley Sciortino

Why Amy Schumer’s Slutty Feminism is Changing the World

I’m like stalker-grade obsessed with Amy Schumer. I’m pretty sure I’ve watched every clip that exists of her online, even the awkward foreign TV appearances that are dubbed over in Chinese so I can’t even hear what’s going on. My latest Breathless column for Vogue is about why she’s an incredible person and feminist, and why being a radical slut is just generally a bad bitch move. Read it HERE :)

5 Recommendations For Life

Words: Karley Sciortino / photo: Mary Ellen Mark

You guys don’t have jobs, right? Everyone’s just at home all day, masturbating? Yeah, me too. Cool. So, why don’t you close your PornHub and Seamless tabs for a sec and consume some culture, because knowing things makes you more fuckable. Here’s five things I’ve seen/read/listened to recently that I think are worth your time. You’re welcome. Continue reading “5 Recommendations For Life”