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5 Recommendations For Life

June 1, 2015

Words: Karley Sciortino / photo: Mary Ellen Mark You guys don’t have jobs, right? Everyone’s just at home all day, masturbating? Yeah, me too. Cool. So, why don’t you close your PornHub and Seamless tabs for a sec and consume some culture, because knowing things makes you more fuckable. Here’s five things I’ve seen/read/listened to recently that I think are worth your time. You’re welcome.

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Sex + Love Advice

Ask a Sex Researcher

April 13, 2015

I’m beyond excited to announce that the amazing Dr. Zhana Vrangalova will be answering sex and relationship questions here on Slutever with semi-regularity. Zhana is a sex researcher, a PhD in Developmental Psychology from Cornell University, and an adjunct professor of human sexuality at NYU. Personally, I like to think of Dr Zhana as the archangel of sex positivity. For starters, she founded the The Casual Sex Project, a website where people from all over the world come to share…

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