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This New SATC Book Asks: Should We All Be Mirandas?

November 7, 2019

While most of us grew up identifying as a Carrie, a Samantha, or a Charlotte, it turns out that, with some hindsight, Miranda may just be the most aspirational character of Sex and the City’s iconic foursome. The creators of Every Outfit on Sex and the City think so, anyway. Lizzi Sandell talks to the two women behind the account about Mirandaphobia, dating, #btw dykery and politics.

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Sexy Advice

The Breakup Starter Pack

December 28, 2018

An emergency kit for anyone going through a breakup, from comically tragic essays on heartbreak, to an incredible This American life on breakups, and how they turn you into a walking cliche of feelings. By Karley Sciortino.

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