Friends I’ll Never Meet: Cock and Ball Torture

We all have our own special ways of getting ourselves off: some people watch porn, some people put gerbils up their butt (#RichardGere), some people freeze their poop and us it as a dildo, and some people, like my internet friend Eliot, are into CBT. (Cock and ball torture, duh!) Eliot does all kinds of nasty stuff to his peen—punches it, steps on it, fills it with live insects, etc. He even invented his own CBT game called Ant Farm where he drops sugar down his urethra and then puts his penis into box full of ants, then lets the ants roam in and out of his pee hole like it’s a secret underground tunnel. Inventive! When he’s not destroying his sex organs, 52-year-old Eliot works as an electrician in Utah. He’s been married for 30 years to a woman who thinks his CBT games are kind of gross but loves him anyway.

Eliot likes taking on dares, so I recently challenged him to write SLUTEVER on his dick and then shove a worm as far down the hole as possible. He gladly accepted, and a few days later I received the photos you see below. I guess I could have thought up a more exciting or exotic dare—something with maggots maybe?—but I’m pleased with the photos nonetheless. Below is a conversation I had with Eliot about masochism and the various insect penis torture games he plays with himself in his spare time. #important

What is the most masochistic thing you’ve ever done?
You must mean the stupidest thing I have ever done, LOL. Well, once a friend of mine challenged me to do 50 naked pushups over top of a bunch of mousetraps. Now, I’m not a gym rat and I don’t think I’ve ever done 50 pushups in my life, but of course I accepted. Well, I made it to 43 and got stuck–I couldn’t go up and didn’t want to go down—but then my “good” friend stepped on my bare ass and down I went. There were about 10 traps all strategically placed, but only two connected. The first one caught the head of my dick, and the second pinched my ball sack and split it open. I didn’t even know I was bleeding at first because my dick head hurt so bad, but man, ball sacks bleed like a stuck pig!

Anyway, no real damage done except some blood, and my dick turned black and blue for a couple of weeks. Kids, don’t try this at home! Or anywhere else, for that matter.

Where did you get the idea for the penis ant farm?
Basically I just saw a bunch of ants in the yard and thought, “I wonder what those would feel like in my dick.”

I see. And what happened to the ants that died inside of you? Some must have died, right? Did you pee them out later?
None of the ants died inside me that I saw. I pulled the device that was spreading me open out very slowly, and very few were in there after that, but they came out quickly. The ants only had one direction to go, because to go in further they would have to push open my urethra and I don’t think they could do that. After I played with them I put them back where I found them.

That’s nice. So did it feel crazy beautiful?
It felt really good when they were crawling around, yes! The biting… not so much. But I like me some pain so that part was fun too.

Before you do something, do you research whether or not it’s dangerous beforehand?
I do weigh out the risks, but the risk is part of the fun. Fortunately, I think I have good common sense. I know putting insects in your private parts isn’t considered common sense by most people, but if you ask me riding a motorcycle is a lot more dangerous than putting a mousetrap on your balls every once in a while, ya know? Life is short.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve put inside you?
Probably that live worm you had me do. Not only was it weird but it was pretty tough to get in.

Eww, how did you get it in?
I just pushed it in, but it was hard. It was very slippery so I didn’t use lube at all. I’ve heard stories of worms crawling up there on their own but that was not the case for me. Maybe I’ll try again some time and use a straw, then send the worm down the straw, and then pull the straw out.

Is your wife into CBT?
No, she is rather vanilla, but she will do some small things like slap and squeeze my balls. I don’t know how it works for most people: is penis torture something you do with someone you are in a relationship with, or are you supposed play with Dommes? I’m not sure. Most of what I do is by myself, although I have also done CBT with other guys.

Oooh. Do tell!
Well once I tied mine and a friend’s balls together and had a tug of war. That was awesome. He can’t take much pain so I pulled him all over the house crying like a bitch, LOL. He cheated a couple of times and grabbed the rope and yanked it to got back at me though.

Have you ever been serious injured because of your fetish?
Not really. The mousetrap incident was probably the worst. I’ve never even had a urinary tract infection, which kind of surprises me. Knock on wood!

Good angle, Eliot!

Friends I’ll Never Meet: Stump Fucking

Ever since I saw the sex scene in Hustler White with the gay amputee prostitute, I’ve always thought it would be an enriching experience to have sex with an amputee and to be penetrated by the intact part of his/her severed limb. Unfortunately the opportunity has yet to present itself, however in my extensive exploration of amputee-devotee forums I recently made the friendship of Paul. Paul is 52 year old amputee from northern England. He is missing the lower part of this right leg, and in recent years has discovered he enjoys dilding his sexual partners with his stump. Recently, Paul and I sat down over Skype and girl-talked about stump play, watersports gangbangs, and other random funky avant-garde sex stuff.

How did you lose part of your leg?
Paul: It was amputated when I was nine years old due to a congenital bone defect. I was unable to walk normally even before the amputation.

Have you ever used your stump during sex?
Yes, with both women and men. The first time was with a man in his 50s, and I used my stump to masturbate his cock. It was strange to start with, but I quickly got into the swing of things. After a couple minutes of this he ejaculated onto my stump, and then licked off the cum with his tongue. I ejaculated quickly after seeing this; it was such a turn on! I’ve also done similar to a woman’s pussy. She loved it. I’ve realized that my stump is an opportunity for enjoyable sexual fun, and therefore I’m happy to use it in any way I can to satisfy both my partners and myself.

That’s hot. Since you use a prosthetic leg in daily life, do the people you meet not initially realize you are disabled? When you are dating someone, how long do you wait to bring it up?
I do wear my prosthetic leg all day, but I sometimes take it off at home and use crutches or crawl about. (I also find crawling a turn on, and would love to be forced to crawl about naked by a sexual partner.) I have always told people in the past about my leg before I met them –if it was a blind date, or someone from the internet, etc–because I’ve found that some people just don’t want to get into a deep relationship with a disabled person. I lost a few girlfriends due to the leg– they said even though I’m a nice guy, they didn’t want to have a physical relationship with someone with one leg. That knocked my confidence pretty badly.

Were you ever married?
No, but I came close once. It was in the early 70s, but the girl I was dating (and never had sex with) broke it off because she had more feelings for another women. They are still together today.

Are you dating anyone now?
No. Sadly I have not had sex in over three years, but even at my age I live in hope. There aren’t many people local to where I live that I could develop a friendship and/or relationship with. “Normal” dating sites never seem to get me anywhere–not sure if it’s me or what.

So you have more success on sites that are geared specifically for disabled people?
I have certainly had more online chats with people on disabled sites than on normal sites, and have met some in person, most of whom turned out to be guys. I’ve been on DisabledDating4u, AmputeeDate, Caffmos (a gay site), and some others. There are also sites specifically for amputee devotees, as you know.

What are most of the people on the amputee-devotee forums into? Have you had any weird requests from people?
Most people want me to use my stump to jerk them off, or to be penetrated. The weirdest was probably this guy who asked me to stand using my crutches, with my stump just hanging down, and then he would crawl over and suck the base of the stump, then lick it all the way up to my penis while his friend watched. That was kinky.

What is the most extreme sexual situation you’ve ever been in?
I haven’t really been in one… maybe the time that I was in a group of five men, and we all were jerking each other off and peeing on each other.

That sounds kind of extreme.
Yeah, it just sort of happened. We were all hanging out and watching a porn video, and then eventually we started either masturbating ourselves or each other. Then in the video a guy started peeing on a girl–and wow it was hot!–and then one of the guys suggested that we all pee on him. As you know, at that stage of horniness anything goes, so we all stood over him and began urinating. It was a wonderful feeling, I think he loved it!

How did you lose your virginity?
It was in my mid twenties, but it was a one-off with her. She didn’t say anything, but I had a feeling she wasn’t into my disability. I lost my male-to-male virginity in my 40s to a guy in his 50s. I’d been chatting to him on an amputee devotee site. We did oral. I’m not too keen on having a cock in my ass, although toys or a strap-on would be nice to try.

Agreed. I like your glamor shots, by the way.
Thanks. They were taken by a photographer for The Outsiders, a group that was set up for disabled people to help with discrimination, especially on the sexual side. I loved posing nude and hope to again.

I love posing nude too! My goal for 2012 is to have more naked pictures of me on the internet. So, do you have an ultimate sexual fantasy?
I would love to have a Master. I’ve never actually been a slave, but I live in hope that I will be one day. The idea of being someone’s slave, and of being punished if I don’t perform a task well, really turns me on. I have a very submissive nature. For example, before I retired I worked in marketing as a supervisor, and had staff working for me, but I did not like it, and was always happier being told what to do, both at work and in my private life. Even at 52 I have hope for a newfound, kinky sexual future!

Thanks so much for talking to me Paul! Best of luck in your kinky future!

Friends I’ll Never Meet: Fisty Nickle














My newest internet friend, Fisty Nickle, is a prominent member of the Zombie Resistance Underground–an online group dedicated to teaching others how to survive during the imminent zombie apocalypse, or “z-day.” There’s also a sex element to the The Zombie Resistance Underground, as many of the men involved seem to possess female sex slaves who they frequently photograph naked holding giant guns and swords. In fact, Fisty has two sex slaves who he is currently training to be skilled zombie fighters like himself.

With All Saint’s Day upon us, I thought now was the perfect time to get Fisty to teach us how not to die during the inevitable zombie holocaust. You’re welcome!













Firstly, I have to ask. Where does the name Fisty Nickle come from?
Fisty Nickle was a player character I used in Dungeons and Dragons a long time ago, and then it became my call sign when I was doing OP-4 Training, which is training done with police and military units. If I can beat the police and the military, I can beat Zack.

Who’s Zack?
It’s a term we use for zombies. They can also be called Zeds, or sometimes just Z’s.

In the zombie apocalypse, what skills will be valuable for survival? Who will be at an advantage, and who will be the weakest link?
First off, the most valuable skill will be the ability to keep your head in a very bad situation. Also, being able to grow and find food, and access to clean water will be vital. Real men–men with army training and those who are self sufficient and can keep stuff working–will be able to survive in the world after there are no Walmarts. The people who will die first are the ones who want to be Rambos, who think they can hit it off on their own but actually can’t. Also the inter city groups will not last long, as once they run out of places to loot for food and water they will die off pretty fast.

Fisty’s slaves

What is your number 1 zombie survival tip?
Having the right weapons and lots of ammo. The Ruger 10/22 and the Ruger 10/22 Charger are two of the best guns to use in a Zombie uprising. Also take your pick from these new tools from Gerber:

What weapons do you have?
I’ve got 10 real swords (not wall hangers), 9 pistols, and other odd ball stuff that can be used as weapons. I’m a gun smith, so I can fix most guns, and I make belts and holsters. I’m also a leather smith and make my own sex toys, like floggers and whips and things like that.

Interesting. Is it possible to have sex with a zombie?
I sure hope not.















Fisty receiving fellatio from one of his slaves

Is zombism sexually transmitted?
Well, since the Zombie virus is spread by fluid contact, yes, sex would be an easy way to spread it.

How do you kill a zombie?
You have know what type of Zed you are dealing with and his weaknesses. But the general rule is, shoot ‘em in the head, they stay dead.

How many different types of zombies are there?
There are many types; it depends on what strain of the zombie virus the person has been infected with. For example in the book World War Z By Max Brooks, the strain is called Solanum, which makes a dead and very slow zombie, but even though they are slow they are very deadly. In the Morningstar Saga By Z.A. Recht the virus makes a Rage Zombie, who is the most deadly because he can run. There are also radioactive zombies.














You have two female slaves, right?
Yes, the first is Jade, who I have been married to for 15 years, and then Kat came to live with us 2 years ago. We all live and sleep together.

What roles will your slaves play in the zombie apocalypse?
They will fight too. We go to the gun range a couple times a month to work of shooting.  Now they are both damn good shots and can get head shots at 25 yards every time.












So you all practice fighting zombies together?
Yes, we use mannequin heads–the kind used at beauty schools–for target practice. They are great to use because they are life size, and because only head shots kill zombies.

What other stuff do you guys do together?
We are big into the swinging lifestyle–I have been for over 15 years–and we have been in lots of orgies and a lot of gang bangs.

That sounds fun.
It is.












As someone who cares a lot about fashion, what should I wear during the zombie apocalypse?
A flightsuit or an army combat uniform.

And lastly, when exactly will the zombie apocalypse occur?
My guess is 12-21-12. They say something’s gonna happen, and I say it’s gonna be the dead coming back to eat the living.













I Shot off my Penis in ‘Nam

Having fully functioning, fully intact genitals is something most of us routinely take for granted. But some people, like Jim, are not so lucky. Jim accidentally shot off most of his penis while serving as a soldier in Vietnam. He was just 18 at the time, and has since struggled with his sexual identity as he is unable to have penetrative sex. I talked to Jim—now 56 and living in Orlando—about how his fluke penectomy has transformed him into a sex freak, in more ways than one.

So how exactly did the accident happen?
It all happened outside of Quang Tri, Vietnam. I was a Private in the infantry. My penis was shot off by an accidental discharge of my pistol, which was in the waistband of my pants. I would love to say I jumped on a grenade and lost my penis in some heroic fashion, but it was a stupid mistake and that’s the long and short of it–no pun intended. I have the length of my penis from the tip of my stump to my prostate. I have both my testicles and am still officially a man. I have the same fantasies and desires many other men have.  

Can you still get an erection?
Yes, my stump is about one inch when aroused. I can pee and cum from my stump.

How do you masturbate?

I have some sensation in the tip of my stump, so rubbing that area works, and testicle and prostate massage work well for me also.

Were you a virgin before the accident?
No, thank goodness. I had sex with several girls and had a steady girlfriend in the states and in Vietnam also.

Have you dated since the accident?
I’ve had occasional girlfriends. I don’t believe any of them loved me, but a couple did seem to be very aroused and obviously orgasmed as I performed oral sex on them. I never married for obvious reasons. I’ve had most of my sex with prostitutes. I have two who regularly cater to my needs.

Jim’s penis now

Have you met people who are specifically turned on by the fact that you lost most of your penis?

Not really. Most just wanted to say they “fucked” a cockless man, or were curious to see what I could do.

What are you into sexually?
Receiving oral sex to my penis stump, prostate stimulation, dominant women, being humiliated and degraded by women, and ball stretching–just to name a few.

What is your ultimate fantasy?
I would like to be bound by a woman as she made fun of my stump, teased me sexually and threatened to castrate me. I know it sounds weird, but most people’s greatest fear is their most powerful sexual fantasy. I have read of many women who enjoy the rape fantasy but would never want to be raped. The loss of my testicles would completely destroy me as a man. I do not want to lose them but the fantasy is strong. I would love for a woman to taunt me and have sex with another man and make me watch.

Do you think you would have been into things like humiliation and degradation if the accident didn’t happen, or do you think your desires are symptoms of your disability?
I believe my penectomy has affected my sexual desires, yes. I did not have humiliation fantasies prior to the accident. My desire for domination started shortly after returning from Vietnam and while I was struggling with my sexuality—a struggle that has been continuous since the loss of my penis. Fantasy is a mind game, and it is true that the mind in the “biggest” sex organ.

What’s the most extreme sexual situation you’ve ever been in?
I was involved with a male/female couple as a threesome. It was awesome. I met them at an apartment complex I was living in. During the threesome they humiliated me similar to the ways I mentioned before. I performed oral sex on the woman, and she did on me while she was being fucked by her boyfriend. I licked her boyfriend’s cock as he had sex with her. A man will do wild things for sex.

Sounds hot.
I also had an encounter with two prostitutes where one used a dildo in me as the other was sucking my stump and testicles.

Are you attracted to men at all?
Not unless it’s part of sex with a woman where she orders me to perform on a man. This excites me as part of the humiliation fetish. But to just have sex with a man alone, no.

Is there a BDSM scene in Orlando that you take part in?
None that I have engaged in yet.

Have you suffered much ridicule because of your disability?
I guess I’m lucky that it’s not something you can see unless I’m naked, so thankfully no. But I was kicked off my Yahoo account because of pictures I uploaded of my severed penis stump, and I had to take down some photos off of a fetish site I’m part of because one person was threatening to have my account deleted. Some say they are disgusted by pictures of my stump.

And what do you say to the haters?
I say I have seen pictures on the net of some disgusting complete dicks, so fuck them.

Friends I’ll Never Meet: Sarah

Sarah’s Second Life Avatar

Sarah is a 25 year old girl from New Jersey. We met on a sex fetish forum and digitally bonded over our love of being tied up. As we got to know each other better I discovered that Sarah suffers from a rare form of Dwarfism, that she is a quadriplegic and is permanently on a ventilator. Because of her condition, for most of her life Sarah has had minimal contact with the outside world. In 2004 she joined Second Life. (If you’re my mom and don’t know what that is, welcome to 2003.) Since then Sarah has given up real life almost completely, choosing to function only online. In SL she has a career as a successful model, she’s into kink and BDSM, and she’s currently looking for a man to spend the rest of her life with. I talked to Sarah about the reality of living completely outside reality. 

How does your disability affect your day to day life?
I need assistance to do everything. I am a quadriplegic, however I have enough movement in one hand to use a mouse, so I can use the internet by myself.

What is a normal day for you like?
I get up, get washed for the day, go on SL, eat lunch and dinner, log out and go to bed. My world is SL; mainly the only things I do in the real world are life essential.

You’ve told me that you are looking for a boyfriend, but only in Second Life, right?
Yeah, I’m looking for a relationship in SL but with real life emotions. But I’m also open to texting, instant messaging and sharing pictures. I’m over casual dating and want to find someone who I can spend the rest of my life with in SL. I’m extremely romantic! Due to circumstances, a real life partner is not right for me, and I don’t see myself ever being open to that.

Have you ever been in love?
Yes, I was in love with many people, all on SL. I’ve had several relationships. 

When did you lose your virginity?
I am a virgin in real life. I lost my SL virginity in 2004. I remember it being terrible. He mainly only used poseballs.

What are poseballs?
It’s just a way of expressing yourself in SL—they allow you to touch and stuff—but it’s the easiest way with the least effort involved.

I see, he sounds like a dick. Losing your V-card rarely lives up to the hype. Anyway, you’re really active on the fetish forum where we met. Do you consider yourself a fetishist?
Yes, definitely. I am only submissive sexually; I like to be Dominated. I like being tied up, romance and passion. I’m into the softer side of Dominance and submission. Sometimes it’s called ‘sensual BDSM.’

You’re also a member of the ‘Kink and Wicca’ forum.
Yeah, I’m Roman Catholic but I’m currently studying to be a Wiccan. I have been interested in witchcraft since I was a child. I want to help people.

In your experience, are people more promiscuous in SL than real life? Is sex less sacred in the digital world?
I would say yeah, more sex in SL. There is more access to different kinds of people and there are no physical consequences in Second Life. So, you know, no AIDS.

What was your life like before Second Life?
Well I used to be able to walk with a walker in real life. But then I got pneumonia and had to be put on a ventilator full time, so I can’t anymore. Back then I watched TV, played computer games and played in other virtual environments. Even before SL my life was lived almost entirely in my home. 

Do you dream in real life of Second Life?
I dream in both actually.

What do you like to do in SL besides kinky stuff?
I like to go dancing and shopping. And I like to work–I’m a model, a hostess, a writer, and I manage a restaurant. I work at least one of the jobs everyday. Although I don’t make any real life money, which is possible to do on SL.

How is your modeling career going? 
My modeling career is going okay. I have been a model since 2004. I belong to two agencies, and I cast for shows occasionally. The most exciting thing so far was when I was a Moda Fashion Spotlight model. Moda Fashion Spotlight is a show on Treet TV, which is an entertainment network that exists inside SL.

I know they have a SL’s Next Top Model, right? Would you ever be interested in entering that? I’m obsessed with America’s Next Top Model.

As of right now, SL Next Top Model does not interest me. 

Do you model your SL avatar on your real features at all?
I have off and on. I have shoulder length brown hair in real and Second Life, and blue eyes.

Do you think people could find you attractive in real life?

Well I don’t find myself attractive, so I don’t see how others could, no.

Are there things in life you want that SL can’t provide you with?
No, none. Second Life is enough, along with email, etc.

What is your ultimate goal?

To be the number one model in Second Life, and to find an honest, loyal man who can be strong for me and who is willing to guide and teach me, and support our mutual goals. I’m looking for my forever.

Friends I’ll Never Meet: My Former Slave

As you know, up until recently I had a personal slave who, for a few months, paid my rent and bought me loads of books on Amazon. (If you are uninformed, you can read about him HERE, HERE and HERE.) However, a couple of weeks ago he (selfishly) got fired from his job, meaning he can no longer afford to support my needs. I have since acquired a new slave, so TBH it’s sort of NBD. However I still find Slave#1 semi interesting in a “You need help” sort of way, so I decided to ask him some questions about his masochistic tendencies, and why being a financial servant makes his dick so hard.

What’s the most pathetic thing you’ve ever done, slave#1?
I was buying phone credit for a 15 year old girl a while back. I would jerk off while her and her mates shouted abuse at me down the phone. Then last year I finally met her in person – she’s now 20 – and she made me get on my knees at a cash point and take out £300 for her.

What turns you on about being submissive?
I get this intense feeling in my stomach when I’m being humiliated or made to hand over money. I crave it. But then once I cum or I’m not horny anymore, I’m pretty normal. The other thing is, until recently I had a disposable income, so it was never an issue money-wise. But now I’m basically addicted, and broke, so I’m trying to find some will power. I was thinking of forcing myself to masturbate every morning, to prevent getting so horny that I need dommes to take my money!

How often do you give girls money?
It’s directly proportional to how often I get really horny. If I’m getting laid regularly – so basically never – then I don’t do it at all. But the more I drink the hornier I get, and I’ve been drinking quite a bit the last two months, so I’ve given away about £1000 in that time. I cringe when I think about how much I’ve blown in my lifetime. One domme took £3k from me.

How well do you know the people you give money to? How can you be sure they’re not creepy old men posing as hot, young girls?
Some definitely are men posing as women. Men are actually better at being degrading and getting me horny, maybe because most are sub guys themselves, so they know what to say. To be honest if they admitted they were men I’d probably still pay up. I’ve given money to men in the past, just because I was too horny to care.

Why don’t you buy me books or pay my rent any more?
Because I’m broke. And with you I paid your rent and bought you books because I like you, it wasn’t really sexual. I had money and thought, “Yeah, I’ll do something nice.” Now I’m broke and can’t be as generous because I need to eat and get drunk five nights a week because I hate myself. I’ve still been giving money to other dommes a bit though, because I get so horny and the urge is too much for me to deny.

If it wasn’t sexual then how come you sent me videos of you jerking off all the time?

If I’m honest, you’re not really a good domme. You’re too nice and not particularly good at talking down to me, which could probably be looked at as a good thing. You’re not cut out to be a dominatrix.

I’m offended. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you like me?
I really do like you a lot. I’d say a 9 because you’ve stopped answering my drunken calls.

What’s the weirdest sex situation you’ve ever been in?
I met this prostitute on who agreed to meet me for a drink. Afterwards we went to a sex cinema. It was the seediest place I’ve ever been, filled with old men jerking off to 80s porn. So we walk in and she sits in the front row and immediately 40 guys surround her and start jerking off onto her. I started feeling a little claustrophobic because guys were trying to feel me up and whatnot, but I stayed because it was kinda hot. I’d say about 40 dudes jizzed on her and 30 of them looked homeless. But afterward she said she loved it. She is really pretty too.

How often do you jerk off, and what’s your default thing to jerk off too?
I’d say between 3-5 times a week. I normally think about a cuckolding situation – being forced to watch a guy with a bigger cock than me fuck a hot girl who won’t have sex with me. My ultimate fantasy is to have a cute girlfriend but have her fuck other guys in front of me.

Have you ever gotten with a guy?
No, but I will. I regularly jerk off thinking about being forced to suck cock by a hot girl, to get him hard before he fucks her. I’m not really into guys, it’s just the humiliation aspect of being made to suck a dick that I get off on. Although I will say I’m starting to find big cocks a visual turn on. If I did suck off a guy I would definitely make sure he was hung.

Are these sexual desires something you share with friends, or is it a secret?
Some of my friends know that I enjoy being dominated, but not to what extent. Most have no clue and think I’m a normal, non-perverted member of society. But then what is normal, anyway? Believe me, there are a lot more secret pervs out there than most would think.

*  *  *

P.S. Although he is no longer my “slave,” he still sends me emails updating me about all of his random and depressing “sexual” encounters. This is the latest:


Friends I’ll Never Meet: Anthony

Anthony has been in a wheelchair since he was thirteen, after a tumor on his cervical spine caused him to lose his ability to walk. About a month ago we became internet/phone friends after he responded to a Craigslist ad I posted, searching for strangers to have weird sex conversations with (as one does). We recently had a lengthy discussion about all the good/bad/kinky/scary things that go along with having sex as a wheelchair user. Anthony is from Guyana and currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.

When was the first time you had sex?

Before the tumor I had fooled around with girls, but never full on fucking. For seven years afterward I wasn’t sexually active, as I was always home in bed or in a hospital somewhere, and didn’t have the independence to get around. When I was twenty I moved from Guyana to America to attend a rehab facility. I got to know a lot of people there, which helped my sexual confidence. I lost my virginity at 20 to a staff member at the rehab facility. We fucked in an exam room.

Does the idea of being with someone who fetishizes disabled people turn you off, or are you into it?

I don’t have a problem with it. Some people are against that, but if it’s directed at me then sure, game on! If I like the person too, obviously.

Have you ever been with someone who was really turned on by your disability, and wanted to play it up while having sex?

For sure. When I was 21 I was in a serious relationship with a woman eight years older than me who was really into people in wheelchairs, really into people with disabilities—just into the culture in general. That’s not all she was about, but it was a large part of her.

What was she into sex wise?

She liked accompanying me to the restroom, sitting on me in public, things like that. We fucked in the chair a lot. I guess she felt my wheelchair made me easily accessible, and easy to dominate.

Anything else kinky?

She liked having sex in public. The first time it happened we were by the waterside on the East River. She was wearing a summery dress and sitting on my lap, and she covered me with her dress and pulled down my pants, and the next thing I knew I was inside her. She was putting on a show as well. To be honest, people tend to avoid staring at people in wheelchairs—it makes them uncomfortable—so in a way it makes me inconspicuous. I can get away with more. Also, sitting on the lap of someone in a wheelchair looks pretty innocent.

So did you have sex in public often?

Sort of, yeah. We did it at parties, in parks, in movie theatres, places like that. Sometimes in her office. We did it so many times that after a while it just became normal.

That’s hot. Are there any other sexual perks to being in a wheelchair?

When I used to go to strip clubs in college I definitely got special attention because of the chair. Dancers would step down off the stage onto me and onto the chair. I don’t seek out the special attention, but I enjoy it immensely.

Can you think of a specific occasion where it was a plus?

Once I was at a club with some friends and there was a dance competition happening on the stage with girls in bikinis. I couldn’t see anything because I was seated, obviously, and my buddy was trying pretty unsuccessfully to push me through the crowd. Then some drunk guy randomly pushed in front of us and started leading the way, shouting, “LAST WISHES! LET HIM THROUGH! MAN NEEDS TO SEE SOME PUSSY TONIGHT! LAST WISHES!”

Oh my god that’s kind of dark.

It was sort of dark, yeah. But it worked. I got right to the front.

And what about the negatives? Is your disability ever a sexual hindrance?

There are obviously limitations. Like OK, I can’t stand up, but there is so much more that can be done, ya know? I work with what I have. There have been points in my life when I wasn’t strong enough to be “on top,” but I’ve found that women really like to be on top anyway, so it works out.

How often do you masturbate?

Do you want to hear something weird about my history with masturbation? I never masturbated until I was 20 years old, after I was already sexually active.

WHAT?! How is that possible? What about all the horny teen years?

Well I was in the hospital for all of them. I had no privacy. After the tumor I was never alone, not even in the bathroom or shower. I always needed assistance. I knew what masturbation was, and of course I would get turned on at an intimate moment in a film or a book or whatever, but I could never do anything about it.

What about at night? Surely you were alone when you were sleeping.

I was, yeah. But then what? I couldn’t move. Think about the situation in the morning…

Oh shit. Yeah, embarrassing. So when you finally masturbated at 20 was your mind blown by the infinite possibilities of autoeroticism?

Sort of. It happened in the rehab facility in America. I had grown strong enough to shower by myself, and I was sitting in the bath and the water from the pipe was coming down onto my penis, and I started getting harder and harder, and then finally I just exploded. Masturbation became more frequent after that…

Have you ever had sex with someone disabled?


Would you be interested in it?

It’s not something I’m against. When I like someone I like them regardless of their situation. Sure, it would be easier for me to date someone without a disability, but I can think of harder things in life.

Have you ever considered joining a dating website geared specifically toward disabled people?

I’ve tried it. I ended up meeting with a woman who had a disability—her hands weren’t formed properly. We liked each other, but there just wasn’t any real fire.

What’s your ultimate sexual fantasy?

To sleep with more than one woman at once.

Group sex, always lolz. What’s your favorite sexual position?

I love it when a girl is on top facing away from me. It’s a good view. Reverse Cowgirl, I think it’s called. I’m also into mutual masturbation. To see a woman pleasuring herself really turns me on. Even though you’re not necessarily touching the other person it’s still very intimate.

Do you have a girlfriend at the moment?

No. I was out of commission for a while after getting pneumonia this past December. On Saturday I went out in Manhattan for the first time since being sick for something that wasn’t a hospital check up. I’m getting myself together slowly.

Have you ever slept with a guy?

No, it’s not something I think about really. I like women, probably too much.

Did you find it weird that I approached you specifically to talk about sex?

Not really. I like the idea of someone trying to get inside me head regarding my sexuality. I think often people regard people with disabilities as being nonsexual, but that’s not so, and I think it’s important that people realize that.

So you’re saying you think people write you off sexually because you’re in a wheelchair?

The thing is, you can’t really tell what others are thinking unless you get the chance to speak to them. I have no control over my situation, so I just do my thing and try not to let it get to me.