Hanging with Kimberly Kane

OMG, Kimberly Kane in a Slutever T! Photo @ Driven By Boredom

I recently had the pleasure of hanging out with one of the hottest and coolest porn stars on the planet, Kimberly Kane. I’ve been a fan of Kimberly’s for a long time, but I really fell in love with her when I saw her on Chris Nieratko’s VICE series “Skinema”, because I realized that not only is she really good at sex, but she’s also extremely funny. Check it out:


Fun fact about KK: that’s her crotch on the cover Taschen’s infamous Big Book of Pussy. Along with acting, Kimberly also directs porn, and she’s a photographer too. Actually, the reason she recently came over to my apartment was to take some sexy pics of me. Here’s a sneak peek…

…but you can see more on her photography Tumblr. During the shoot, KK and I had a casual girltalk about porn, cumming, and (of course) our moms. You can read some of our convo below. Enjoy!

Slutever: How long have you been working in the porn industry?
Kimberly Kane: This year marks a decade in the industry. It’s been a long time! I started when I was 19.

So I need your profesh advice. Should I act in porn, or no?
No, I don’t think so. Here’s the thing: it’s not a good time to start doing porn, because you’re not 18, so you know too much. I think you should keep practicing working as a Dominatrix. Also, you know people in the porn industry and have access to it, so you can make money just from being a porn insider. Also, there’s not a lot of good porn work in New York, and there’s not even a ton of work in LA anymore. It’s feast or famine. Although I might suggest doing clips-for-sale, because you can do that without even getting fully naked.

What’s clips-for-sale?
It’s basically Domming online, so you create 5 minute clips of different scenarios: cumming instruction, humiliation, foot fetish, etc., and then your slaves buy your clips. I do a lot of them on my website. It’s a good way to make money if you’re curious about doing porn, but you don’t want to go full gangbang :)

Thanks for the tip! So I know you are friends with Andrew Richardson, who publishes Richardson magazine. I love Richardson because it looks at sex and the porn industry in an analytical and academic way. Are you a fan?
Yeah, I really dig that dude, and he has a great vision for his magazine. Andrew is really into psychology, to the point where he’s constantly psychoanalyzing everyone around him, whether they want it or not. At first I was like, “Who the fuck does this guy think he is?,” but when you spend more time with him you see that he’s really honest about his own problems, too. And what’s cool is that same energy comes across in his magazine–it’s like an investigation into the unconscious of the sex industry.

Actually, in one issue of Richardson there was a photo spread by Leigh Ledare, whose photography I love. They printed a series he did of highly erotisized photographs of his mother.

Yeah, I love those. They’re so sexy, largely because they’re so “wrong.”
I met Leigh in real life, and he’s very soft spoken and adorable and shy. You just know that he’s a mama’s boy, ya know? I’m sure it might have been difficult watching his mom fuck his friends, but the result is incredible.

Yeah. And his mother is clearly very open-minded to want to be involved in creating those photographs.
My mom is very open minded and weird too, but I ended up hating her for it. I think at some point, despite how most children claim to want “cool” parents, what you really want is a parent. And if your parent is acting like your friend, or in his case, your fuck buddy, I think it can do weird things to you.

My mom is religious and (as far as I can tell) sexually conventional. She’s very loving and supportive, but also essentially pretends that my career as a “sex writer” doesn’t exist. What is your relationship with your parents like, in regard to your work?
With my dad it’s kind of a ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ situation. And my mom, like I said, is open minded. She’s actually a stripper. But I found out through doing porn that my parents are pretty chill about a lot of things. Also, they’re not religious.

I had a similar convo with pornstar Bobbi Starr about parents recently, and she said that her parents are pretty OK with what she does too, even despite the fact that in the past random creeps from the internet have emailed her mother at work with photos of her being gangbanged.
Yeah, she has told me about that. But here’s the thing: Bobbi and I run our own shit, we direct, we’re in control of our careers, we don’t do drugs. If your daughter was in porn and was really messed-up, then you might have something to worry about. But I think our parents get it.

Also, the world of porn seems to be different now than it was in the 70s and 80s–the perception of the intelligent, feminist porn star has crossed over into the mainstream. I’m sure the original porno starlet archetype still exists, but I think people now understand that there are alternatives to that.
I totally agree!

So I’m sure you get asked this a lot, but do you ever actually cum during scenes?
I have a couple times. I know that a lot of girls do cum, and that their main goal is to orgasm because it makes them feel like they are giving a good scene, but I don’t feel that way. I cum in my bedroom with the person I’m dating. I tend to really separate my personal life from my work. I can compartmentalize, as my therapist would say :) But also, I don’t cum during sex in general, I have to use a toy. I love my Hitachi Wand!

Yeah, cumming during sex is hard. Penetration can be so distracting!
Yeah, I can only cum from using my Hitachi. What I like–and I realize this sounds very vanilla–is to be with a guy, and either just kiss him, or have him fuck me, but really slowly, no pounding–because, like you said, penetration is distracting–and then I use my wand at the same time, and then I cum.

Are you the relationship type, and do you believe in monogamy?
Yes and yes. I’m not promiscuous outside of work. I’m actually a serial monogamist.

So how does porn work, money-wise? Is it like most other careers, where you make more money the longer you have been in the business?
No, it’s the opposite, because new girls are in very high demand, because everyone wants to shoot them first, or have them do a certain sexual thing for the first time in their movie. So when you’re new you tend to work more. But lately the business is not what it used to be; there aren’t actually that many people working in mainstream porn. There are lots of people who do porn–amateur and whatnot–but as far as mainstream porn goes, there’s only a couple thousand people working on a daily basis and making a living out of it. Or maybe even less.

And lastly, what do you love most about working in porn?
I really enjoy the performance aspect of porn. Some of the best sex scenes to me can be poetry, and I think sexuality can be an art form. Sasha Grey always used to say that she was a performer, and I feel that way too. When I first got into porn, I thought, “This is amazing!”–I loved the lights and the cameras, I loved putting on a show, I felt safe, I was being recognized and getting awards, and I really felt part of a community. But I’ve also tried to learn as many life skills as possible while in the business, alongside all the fucking. Porn is where I learned about photography, and it inspired me to start taking my own photographs. And I learned how to direct and edit too. Some people get into porn and just fuck and that’s fine, but I want a retirement plan, and one that doesn’t involve being a prostitute, which is why I think it’s important to learn as much as possible.