Watch Episode 1 of Now Apocalypse Online Now – FREE!

now apocalypse

Hi! It’s Karley. You can now watch ep 1 of TV show Now Apocalypse—the surreal sex comedy I co-wrote with Gregg Araki—online for free :) I like to describe Now Apoc as a “queer Sex and the City, meets Twin Peaks… with aliens.” Lol. It’s a show that focuses heavily on sexuality, and deals with everything from sex-positive sluts, to bisexual men, to open relationships, to sex work.
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Now Apocalypse on Broadly Hotline

Hi! In the new episode of Broadly Hotline, Kelli Berglund (aka the wonderful actress who plays “Carly” on Now Apocalypse) and me (Karley Sciortino) joined host Bunny Michael to talk about the importance of finding inspiration for your life and art. (Disclaimer: IDK if I give the best life advice TBH.) Watch here!