Karley Sciortino Talking Sex on Chris Ryan’s Podcast, “Tangentially Speaking”

I had the pleasure of being a guest on Tangentially Speaking, the wonderful podcast by Christopher Ryan, author of the best selling book on non-monogamy, Sex at Dawn, and one of my idols :) Chris and I talk about the nature of attraction, how men and women differ when it comes to sex, whether being a slut alienates partners, the realities of working in the sex industry, how voices are fucking sexy, and lots more! Listen HERE :) Continue reading “Karley Sciortino Talking Sex on Chris Ryan’s Podcast, “Tangentially Speaking””

Slutever on New York Mag’s “Sex Lives” Podcast: What’s it Like to Fuck a Sex Doll?

Do you think you tell a $10,000 silicone penis from the real thing? On the latest episode of New York mag’s SEX LIVES podcast, I talk with slut heroine Maureen O’Connor about the making of the new VICE Slutever show: fucking fake dicks, observing medical sexual surrogacy; renting a cuddle-boyfriend in Japan; helping a dominatrix kidnap a client by throwing him in the trunk of her car, and so on. Listen here :) – Karley

Slutever on New York Mag’s Sex Lives Podcast: Can I Sleep With My Friend’s Ex?

What happens when friendship and flirtation conflict? On this week’s New York magazine’s Sex Lives podcast, two pairs of female BFFs discuss #GIRLCODE and whether it’s OK to fuck your friend’s ex. I (Karley) was really excited to be invited on the podcast with my BFF, writer Jenna Sauers. We joined New York Magazine sex columnist Maureen O’Connor and her bestie, Juliet Thompson, for a discussion of the men and women we’ve shared with friends and beds with — and the fallout. Listen below, or find it here :)

xo Karley Sciortino


Slutever on the “Love Alexi” Podcast

I’m guest on Alexi Wasser’s new podcast, Love Alexi, on the Nerdist network—yay! Alexi is the author of the amazing relationship website I’m Boy Crazy, which I have been a fan of since I was like 21. Alexi used to host a call-in sex advice radio show (that I was a guest on last year), but now she’s started a new podcast, and it’s bigger and better than ever. Below you can listen to us talk about sex, dating, being crazy jealous maniacs, cheating, Esther Perel, “sudden repulsion syndrome” and lots of other sexy stuff. Word. Alexi makes me LMAO.

Slutever on the Man Repeller Podcast!

Yay! I’m on this week’s episode of the Man Repeller podcast, hosted by Jay Buim. Want to hear me talk for a long time about growing up (and not growing up) and being a writer and New York and sex and blacking out and a ton of other shit? Listen here! – Karley Sciortino