Millennials, Safe Sex and HIV

We’re millennials! We’re the best at everything–becoming internet celebrities, making apps, being entitled and narcissistic, you name it! The only thing we’re not so amazing at is having safe sex… whoops. You can read my latest Breathless column HERE, written with the help of my fave pornstar, Stoya.

Huff-Post Live: The Pull-Out Generation

Today I talked on a panel on the Huffington Post Live about ‘the pull-out method.’ The conversation was sparked by a recent article in New York mag titled “The Pull-Out Generation,” where the writer was surprised to find out how many young women are using this method of contraception over regular birth control. Joining me on the panel were sex educator and author of How To Be A Great Lover, Lou Paget; founder of The Center for Sexual Pleasure & Health, Megan Andelleaux; journalist Amanda Marcotte; and of course, the lovely host Ricky Camilleri.