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Two Former Camgirls and a Voyeur Discuss Camming

June 28, 2018

Camming – so, performing sex acts in front of a webcam for money – is a lesser-discussed form of sex work, but it offers its own set of benefits and issues. Here, Rosie Solomon talked to two former camgirls and one camgirl-enthusiast about their experiences with the work and the cam community.

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4 Sex Workers Discuss What SESTA-FOSTA Means For Their Lives

March 30, 2018

The United States Congress just passed two bills, SESTA and FOSTA, which claim to diminish sex trafficking, but in practice is censorship legislature that will make sex workers’ lives more dangerous and their futures uncertain. Here, dominatrix Mistress Couple talks to three other sex workers about what these bills mean for their work and lives, as well as for the future of sex work and censorship in the United States.

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