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Slutever Hosts STREETS by VICE: San Francisco

April 15, 2016

Hi, it’s Karley! I hosted a new documentary for VICE about the history of San Francisco’s Market Street. We explore everything from the rich history at the center of the gay liberation movement, to SF’s vibrant sex-positive community, to the summer of love and the tech boom. And I got to hang with SF legend, rapper Andre Nickatina ;)

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Sexy Advice, Sexy Videos

A Light Intro to BDSM

August 11, 2015

Want to add some light, consensual violence into your sex life? Look no further. This cute and informative video, by Lessa Millet and Kaye Blegvad, is the perfect intro guide to the world of BDSM. Also, it’s pretty safe for work, because it’s all animation :)

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Vogue Column

Is Christian Grey a Bro?

June 24, 2015

Critical thinking of here! My new Breathless for Vogue is an in-depth analysis of Christian Grey’s bro and un-bro qualities. Also, I take a stab (literally) at Grey, the latest in the Fifty Shades series. Read it HERE :)  – Karley

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Rants, Feelings & Opinions

Slutever’s 5 Recommendations for Life

March 1, 2015

Pic by Petra Collins It’s the weekend–yay! But that’s not an excuse to turn off your brain. Sorry :( I love getting recommendations about things to watch, read, listen to and look at from my friends and the people I respect. There’s just so much content in the world (aka on the internet) these days, that a little guidance is helpful. Below are five things that I’ve seen/listened to/read in the past week that either made me smile, made me…

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