Vagina Valentine Contest

Karley_Sciortino-37Look how cool I look! All the cool kids are wearing vaginas on their chests these days. You should too! Luckily for you, I’m giving away three Slutever vaj tees to the winner of the Slutever Vagina Valentine contest, yay!

Here’s what you have to do to enter:

1. Email a few sentences to about the best or weirdest or most romantic or tragic or grossest or lolzest thing that ever happened to you on Valentine’s Day. It can be a story about a V-day gift you gave someone, a romantic V-day evening you had, a story about how you spent V-day alone with your cats–whatever! However, it has to be 50 words or less. I’m very #busy and #important and don’t have time to read a Valentine’s novel.

2. Sign up to the Slutever newsletter HERE! I promise not to spam you! I only sent them out like twice a month (if that). But you have to be signed up to get a free shirt.

Submissions must be made by the end of this Sunday, Feb 8th. Next week I will publish the 3 best stories on my blog, and the winners will get a vaj tee! If you want to submit but you don’t want your real name published with your story if you win, that’s OK, but just let me know what pseudonym you want to use when you email you story.


Slutever Vaj T-Shirt… Second Edition!

They’re baaack, by popular demand! Lol. No but honestly, vaginas are really in these days, so I figured I should cash in by making a second edition of my wonderful and politically relevant vaj T-shirts. Buy one now and become instantly popular! If you’re not convinced, then please check out the following photos of the Slutever Vaj Tee looking stylish on a variety of cool people:

Convinced? :)

This is a limited edition run of 200 shirts. They run in mens sizes S-M-L-XL. They are sized like American Apparel T-shirts. To give you a reference, all the girls in the top photo are wearing smalls.


Email me at to request a shirt. Include your full name, your address, and the size you want in the email.

Once you get a confirmation email from me, you can Paypal me the cost + shipping at 

Price: $40 (U.S. dollars) plus shipping

Shipping cost: $5 for America, Canada and Mexico; $10 for anywhere else

Thanks! xoxo

Slutever Vaj T-shirt: Feminist Dilemmaz!

Dear Karley, I bought a shirt from you like six months ago and finally wore it out in public yesterday. I live in this small ~close minded~ city and a friend of my mum’s saw me and texted her about it. My mum is FREAKING OUT! I was all, “It’s a feminist statement,” but she doesn’t agree and thinks I’m anti women’s rights, etc. How do I explain to her what your vagina on a shirt even MEANS?! Help, Gemma

OMG! You should tell your mom that you are supporting your favorite punk, female-empowerment sex blog, and that wearing a blog T-shirts is the modern equivalent of what wearing a band t-shirt meant when she was young. Also, mention that supporting a literary blog is way cooler and more refined than supporting a band because it means you actually read, and tbh liking bands is a bit lazy and “obvious,” ya know what I mean?

Explain to your mom that the vagina is a reproductive organ, and that it’s beautiful! Remind her that you came out of hers. Girls’ sexy parts are not only there to arouse boys, and by putting an image of a vagina on a T-shirt, over the chest, it’s turning the vagina into a symbol–a symbol of power yo!–rather than displaying it as an object of desire. Explain to her that being a feminist in 2013 is a lot different than it was in her day, and that now that we’ve basically won the battle we can be a lot more lol and playful about things, and that she should just take her Klonopin and chill out.

Also, your mom’s friend sounds like an uptight cunt. Hope that helps! xx

Slutever Vaj T-shirt

I made a T-shirt! Woo! This is the first limited edition Slutever T-shirt. There are strictly 200 shirts, $40 each. The shirts were created and designed by me, and that may or may not be a picture of my vagina on the front. The shirts are super soft cotton and come in sizes S-M-L and XL. I’m wearing a size small in that photo, so think of them in terms of men’s sizes.

Also, just so you know, wearing this shirt makes you feel kind of famous, because people tend to give you these strange stares out of the corner of their eyes, like “Wait… hold on, is that…?” Also, last week I went to a block party in Brooklyn with my friend who was wearing one and like ten people stopped him to take his picture for Instagram. (#important) Oh, and one mother shielded her child’s eyes. Woops…

To buy a shirt, please email me at with the subject line “T-SHIRT.” Also, please include the country that you live in and the size you want in the initial email. Payment by Palpal only, plus shipping, which will be roughly a few dollars, depending on where you live.

Special thanks to Adri Murguia for taking the photo of my vaj and Amanda Thompson for helping me with Photoshop ;)

Oh look, it’s Dev “Blood Orange” Hynes looking casually cool in the Slutever Vaj T!