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Ask a Porn Star: Lily LaBeau

December 14, 2015

Slutever’s resident porn-spert Vera Papisova talks with adult performer Lily LaBeau about the difference between having sex for the camera and having sex for personal pleasure. (Turns out there are a lot of differences…) Drawing by Maggie Dunlap.

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Interviews, Sex + Love Advice

Ask A Porn Star: Kayden Kross

April 23, 2015

By Vera Papisova / When I told my friends I was going to start this column, Kayden Kross was the girl all the boys wanted me to interview. She is one of porn’s most coveted treasures, and a few years ago she landed one of the highest-paying performing contracts in the industry. She’s kind of a big deal.  Did I mention she’s been published in the New York Times? (It’s a great personal essay that was part of the Modern…

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My Weekend at a Porn Festival

April 15, 2015

Words and photos by Vera Papisova / This isn’t a Vegas convention center filled with fake tits and Mr. Clean lookalikes handing out complimentary butt plugs. Contrary to what you might expect from a porn fest, the NYC Porn Film Festival takes place in an experimental art gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The vibe is somewhere between your favorite dive bar and a Fassbinder film. The event staff looks like a group of Bard graduates. Miley, you would’ve thrived. Friday is the…

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Interviews, Sex + Love Advice

Ask a Porn Star: STOYA

March 30, 2015

Words by Vera Papisova / Photos by Tim Barber / It’s only fitting that the first installment of “Ask a Porn Star” features one of the most badass players in the adult industry. She’s won multiple awards for her niche performances (super vague way of saying hardcore lesbian shit), is living proof that natural beauty exists in the porn world, and was crowned “America’s sweetheart of smut” by The Village Voice.

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