CONVERSION: A New Short Film for Purple Mag

Coco Young and I made a new short film, yay! “Conversion” is a contemporary (aka hipster) take on the ancient Greek tragedy “The Bacchae,” by Euripides. In this interpretation, Dionysus, the god of wine, art and divine ecstasy, is a downtown fashion photographer with a gluten allergy, who, along with his model Maenads, lures the rational and civilized King Pentheus into his hotel party of debauchery. Watch it now on the Purple website

Directed by Coco Young and Karley Sciortino; Cinematography by Sonia Ostrovsky; Edited by Jeremy Cohan and Coco Young; Starring Joseph Geagan as Dionysus, Andy Darling as Kind Pentheus; and Charlotte Carey, Danielle Knudson, Flaviana Matata Roosmarjin, Karley Sciortono, and Coco Young as the Maenads; and Caleb Addison, Millie Brown, Tea Hacic, and Jonathan Smalls as the Tinder Guests

People Who Just Had Sex: A Domme and her BF

I’m hosting the new season of VICE’s series People Who Just Had Sex, yay! If you’re unfamiliar with the series, the idea is simple–we go to people’s houses and talk to them before they fuck, wait around while they fuck, and then interview them again after they fuck. In this episode we meet Samantha and Thomas–they’ve been dating since 2009, she’s a dominatrix, and they are both incredibly hot. Enjoy! 

Be Here Nowish: Eps 1-4 :)

Be Here Nowish, the new comedy web series that I play a part is, has finally begun airing, yay! I’ve said this many times before (sorry for being a bit of a broken record), but Be Here Nowish was created by Natalia Leite and Alexandra Roxo–who write, direct and star in the show–and follows two sexually progressive New York girls who run off to LA in search of a spiritual awakening. Below are the first four episodes (they’re each like 8-12 min), and there will be more episodes coming out this Thursday, and even more after that. Enjoy!

P.S. The show also features amazing and talented people like Ry Russo-Young, Liz Armstrong, Adam Carpenter, and was made in part by the incredible Dagmar Weaver-Madsen and Sarah Tricker (and many more). 

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

Episode 4:

Be Here Nowish Premier and Trailer!

Be Here Nowish, the comedy web series I play a part in, is finally about to premier! The premier party is next Wednesday, April 9th, at the Jane Hotel in Manhattan. Creators Alexandra Roxo and Natalia Leite will be screening the first 4 episodes (each are about 10 min), and there will be lots of drinking and dancing and flirting as well. Come one, come all! 

For those who can’t make it to the premier, the show will begin airing online on on April 7th. To get you up to speed on what the show is about, THIS is an article I wrote about it. But if you can’t be bothered to read, THIS is the new trailer! Yay! 

Initiation – a new short film for Purple TV

Initiation is a new short film for Purple TV. I directed it with my friend, the artist Coco Young. It stars Carly Mark, Alexandra Marzella, Sara Grace Powell, Coco and me, and was edited by Lessa Millet. Initiation explores the rituals of American Ivy League secret societies, and was filmed at an Ivy League school. You can watch it HERE.

I haven’t made a video for Purple in a while. If you’re in the mood for a #throwback, the most recent was a blow-job instruction video that I made with Sandy Kim last May.

Sex, Regret and Gender

I was on Huff Post live today, talking on a panel about how gender affects sexual regret. And this time I wasn’t just a floating head on a screen, but was actually IRL in the studio! Glamorous!

According to a new study, men and women have very different regrets when it comes to their sexual history. Not too surprising, I suppose. The study found that while men tended to regret the sexual adventures they hadn’t pursued, female participants expressed regret over the things they had done.

The most common regrets for women were:
1. Losing their virginity to the wrong partner (24 percent of respondents)
2. Cheating on a present or past partner (23 percent)
3. Moving too fast sexually (20 percent)

The most common regrets for men were entirely different:
1. Failing to make a move on a prospective sexual partner (27 percent of respondents)
2. Not being more sexually adventurous in their youth (23 percent)
3. Not being more sexually adventurous when single (19 percent)

Read more about the study HERE, and watch the 15 minute video above to see our discussion about it. Also on the panel were Eric Barry, creator of the ‘Full Disclosure’ Sex Podcast; Dr. Justin J. Lehmiller, social psychologist at Harvard University; and Rachel Klechevsky, a sex and relationship therapist.

Jackass Presents: A Slutever Bad Grandpa Special

Finally! A new episode of the VICE Slutever show, yay! It’s been over a year since the last one, so it’s about time, really. This particular episode is a Slutever special, presented by Jackass and Bad Grandpa (aka the new Johnny Knoxville movie).

In this episode I move to LA to become famous, like my idol Anna Nicole Smith. Things take a random turn when I meet the world’s baddest grandpa, Irving Zisman, at a tantric sex cult meeting. Things get dirty… 

Many thanks to the wonderful crew of ladiez who I worked alongside to make this: director/producer Adri Murguia; editor Martina de Alba; editor Lessa Millet; graphics master Angie Sullivan