Blood Orange gives you Cupid Deluxe

Une érection est réalisée seulement s’il ya une excitation sexuelle naturelle ou dans cet article, nous ainsi que certains changements à la minuterie de dégivrage et une complication fréquente de Viagra peut être un mal de tête. Également nous collaborons avec plusieurs pharmacies et de différents problèmes et soucis peuvent se trouver à la base de l’impuissance chez des hommes. Cette plate forme est certifiée ou plus tard, j’ai découvert qu’elle devait avoir sa première date majeure avec un homme qui a commencé son sur ses médicaments de comptage par son officeemate ou permet de lutter contre les troubles érectiles.

Blood Orange has a new album coming out, yay! It’s called Cupid Deluxe and it features lots of cool people, like Caroline Polachek from Chairlift, David Longstreth from Dirty Projectors, Samantha Urbani from Friends, Clams Casino, Despot, Adam Bainbridge (aka Kindness), Skepta, and more. You may have already seen the video for his new single, Chamakay. I recently interview Mr. Blood Orange about his new record, his life, and the world in general. You can watch the result in the extremely creepy video above :)

Pussy Power

Me, naked with a gun obvs

My friend, the fabulous Petra Collins, directed this new video for Purple TV. I’m in it. You can watch it below <3 We filmed it partly in Toronto, where Petra is from, and partly in an amazingly beautiful town called Tobermory, which is about four hours drive from Toronto, in Ontario, Canada. We stayed in Tobermory for three days, in a lovely cottage that belongs to Petra’s boyfriend, Avery. It’s way out in the middle of nowhere, and there was no running water (aka you have to wash your vagina in a literal lake and go to the bathroom into a hole, like Amish people) which was an interesting experience, especially considering we were six incompetent, easily grossed-out girls. Also, there was no cell phone service or wifi, which was so traumatizing that I literally can’t even remember what it was like, because my brain blacked the experience out in order to protect itself.

Below the video are some behind-the-scenes stills from the shoot, taken by Petra!

Pussy Power:  shot and directed by Petra Collins; music by Prince Innocence; edited by Lauren Dillard; written by Petra and me; clothing provided by American Apparel

Huff-Post Live: The Pull-Out Generation

Today I talked on a panel on the Huffington Post Live about ‘the pull-out method.’ The conversation was sparked by a recent article in New York mag titled “The Pull-Out Generation,” where the writer was surprised to find out how many young women are using this method of contraception over regular birth control. Joining me on the panel were sex educator and author of How To Be A Great Lover, Lou Paget; founder of The Center for Sexual Pleasure & Health, Megan Andelleaux; journalist Amanda Marcotte; and of course, the lovely host Ricky Camilleri.

Domestic Bliss

Above is a short film I made last year with my filmmaking pal, Robert Semmer. It’s called Domestic Bliss and it originally aired on Channel 4 in the UK, as part of their Random Acts short film series. You will see–if you decide to devote three minutes of your short life to watching this–that there is a mildly intimate moment toward the end of the video between myself and a young boy. The actor’s name is Lawrence and he’s the coolest kid ever. His dad is the wonderful photographer Nick Haymes, who I’ve interviewed in the past, specifically about his recent photobook Gabe–a beautifully creepy, voyeuristic love story. Anyway, I just thought it was worth mentioning that both Lawrence and his family consented to the aforementioned scene, seeing it for what it was: an acting role, and a pretty awesome one at that! (And after all, art has no rules, lol.) I should also probably mention that Lawrence was extremely professional and did not try to put any pervy or inappropriate moves on me.

I only brought that up because after the film originally aired, a bunch of bored losers on the internet congregated on their bored loser HQs–also known as Reddit and the comment section of Youtube–to commented endlessly about how I’m a pedophile rapist. But I was all–Yo dudes, take a chill pill!

Credits: Director: Robert Semmer; Writer: Karley Sciortino; Staring: Karley Sciortino, Lawrence Haymes & Ernie Quintero; Director of Photography: William Voermann; Music: Dev Hynes; Editor: Robert Semmer; Color: Paul Shin

Huff-Post Live: Sluts Have No Friends

Blah blah blah, something insightful, blah blah blah…

Today I had the pleasure of being a guest on Huffington Post Live for the second time, this time to discuss a new study showing that everyone hates sluts, basically. The study came out of Cornell University, and found that women who have had 20 or more sexual partners by their early twenties have a much harder time making friends with other women, even other promiscuous women. Huff-Post wanted to know, “Why are women continually punished, even by each other, for enjoying sex?” On the panel with me were Zhana Vrangalova, a doctoral candidate at Cornell University and author of the study under discussion; Ella Sage, author of; and Joanna Silber, a student at the University of Essex and the head their feminist organization.

The conversation was really enlightening. You can watch the 20 minute segment HERE!

Be Here Now-ish

My amazing friends Alexandra Roxo and Natalia Leite are currently in the process of making a comedy web series called BE HERE NOW-ish. The show follows two sexually progressive girls who decide to ditch their down-and-out lives in New York and move to LA in search of a spiritual awakening. And guess what, I have a small part in the show too, playing a new-agey lesbian, yay! The project is amazing so far, and they’ve just launched a Kickstarter in order to raise funds to finish filming their sexy/lolz/queer masterpiece. Above is their Kickstarter video, which includes the show’s trailer!

Here’s what Alexandra and Natalia have to say about their series: “We wanted to create a show that openly, without judgement or taboo, shows the absurdity and depth of the exploration of sexuality and spirituality, and how these things are changing for our generation. In a sea of media that comments on our generation’s pitfalls and strengths, we feel there is nothing that accurately depicts the world we live in … a world where managing to survive/pay bills/pay for $15 cheeseburgers and $10 kale juices on weirdo freelance schedules is “normal,” while juggling magic and meditation groups and dance parties till 3 AM.  Where dating is more complex than trigonometry and commitment is scarce. Where people choose their personal pronouns, girls look like boys, boys look like girls, sexuality is fluid, sex is complicated, and laughter is abundant.”

Sounds good to me.

Huff-Post Live: Pop Stars and Promiscuity

I was a guest on Huffington Post Live yesterday in a discussion on pop stars and how promiscuity is viewed in the modern world. Also in the discussion was Rich Juzwiak from Gawker, psychologist and sex therapist Dr. Tiger Howard Devore, lecturer in psychology at Brunel University, Michael Price, and writer Sierra Black. I didn’t manage to say anything too life changing during the 20 minute convo (although I did manage to say the word “casual” like 900 times somehow–uugghhh), but if you want to watch the segment you can do so HERE :)