What is the Right Way to Cope with Jealousy?

Like most of us, I’ve had my share of jealous meltdowns. But after years of trying to abolish my possessive impulses with zero luck, I have to ask: What’s the right way to handle with it? And can jealousy ever be good for a relationship? Read my latest Breathless column for Vogue here :) – Karley Sciortino

Read an Excerpt from SLUTEVER (the Book) on Vogue: “Victim Who?”

Guys! My first book, SLUTEVER: Dispatches from a Sexually Autonomous Woman in a Post-Shame World, is out TOMORROW! You can read the first published excerpt, “Victim Who?” on Vogue now (click here). Also, you can buy the book HERE. I also read my own audio book, if you want to listen to me personally rant about all my slutty adventures. Continue reading “Read an Excerpt from SLUTEVER (the Book) on Vogue: “Victim Who?””