Teen Real Talk

This may surprise you, but I don’t know EVERYTHING. Sometimes even people who give out advice for a living need some advice of their own. In light of this, I made an appearance on the web show Teen Real Talk, where I asked three teen girls in the UK to help me look like less of a skank. You can see it above! Also, this show is made by Bunny. (Long time readers of my blog will know who I’m talking about.)



7 Replies to “Teen Real Talk”

  1. Those girls look really well off. Like, I’m pretty sure that’s a Jack Wills blanket on the bed. If I was 14 and minted I’d be pretty happy. Wait, no, cause I had braces and a unibrow back then, never mind…

  2. seriously though, you do look way better when you’re not wearing the skanky dresses. i like it when you sometimes wear button-up blouses and vintage dresses etc.

    1. yeah right i second this…ON OPPOSITE DAY

      the green spandex dress is the best, i imagine it squeaks when you wear it. meow!

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