So like Thanksgiving is this random holiday that we celebrate in America where everyone eats lots of food, watches football on TV, and takes awkward family photos in their backyards. I think it has something to do with being thankful for stuff, pilgrims learning how to grow corn, and not killing Native Americans… but no one really knows for sure. I personally use Thanksgiving as an excuse to lay around like a slob, shove my face full of food and get inappropriately drunk in front of my extended family. FUN!

About five minutes into the dinner preparation my dad sliced his finger open with a butcher knife, then had to be rushed to the hospital for stitches. Positive start to the day.

These are my little cousins. They’re sort of loud and annoying, but the one on the right has these weird magical powers, which I guess it kind of cool.

This is baby Anthony. After about six glasses of wine I attempted to have a deep-and-meaningful with him about feelings and stuff, but he literally would just NOT stop BBMing his dealer.

During dinner my mother made everyone go around in a circle and say what they were thankful for. She wasn’t exactly pleased when the only thing I could come up with was “HBO.”

This is Bunny not enjoying my mother’s cooking about three minutes after she told him he needed a haircut.

He spent the entire dinner reading gossip magazines. When asked what he was thankful for, he responded, “The fact that baby Suri grew out her bangs, she looked way fugs before.”

I forgot / was too lazy to take a picture of the turkey before dinner, so this is what it looked like after we ate it. Slutevs.



12 Replies to “Thanksgiving”

  1. I can't believe you have Bunny to stay with your family for the holidays! Hilarious – oh, to be a fly on the wall. I bet your parents are being terribly nice about it all (even if it doesn't seem so to you!)Hope you have a nice time. Eat lots of fresh fruit while you're home – wards off scurvy. x

  2. I'm totally convinced that my cousin and I invented Chrismukkah in about 1992 and that Josh Schwartz steals youth's semi-Semitic dreams.I know that's pretty irrelevant, but does this signal that 1/3 of the holiday season (or 1/4 if you count Kwanza) has already gone?

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