The Hotel

I’ve been seeing more and more of Mistress Dee, mainly joining in on her sessions with clients, working as her sidekick, or an assistant of sorts. A couple days ago she invited me to work a “double Domme” session with her, for a new client–some guy flying in from Austin on business. She said she was meeting him for dinner uptown, but that I would join them later on, at his hotel. “I’ll text you with specific instructions later,” she said down the phone, “but keep the whole evening free. Look hot but respectable. No leather.” OK, whatever you say.

I got a text from the Mistress at 7pm, saying to meet her in the bathroom of X restaurant in one hour. I was sort of confused about why I needed to meet her in the bathroom, but agreed. I never really question what Dee tells me to do or why. I just figure she knows best, and there’s no use in pretending I’m not still totally naive to these types of situations. Also, as I’ve previously mentioned, Dee possesses this weird, God-like power that makes it hard not to trust and fear her simultaneously. It’s hard to put your finger on…

I was in the restaurant bathroom reapplying my lipstick when Dee appeared. She looked way less slutty than usual. I don’t know what I was expecting; I normally only see her in skin-tight latex, but I guess that would be inappropriate outside of a bedroom/dungeon setting. “OK so here’s the deal,” she said, handing me a Hilton hotel key. “This is the key to his room. Go there and wait for us, we won’t be long. When we get to the lobby I’m going to tell him I need to make a phone call and he’ll head up to the room alone. He’s not expecting you. When he comes in just be natural, introduce yourself as Mistress Karley, then have him get naked. I’ll be up in five.”

“OK so… be natural like, reading a magazine or something?”

“Yeah, sure, fine. I mean, who cares? Just be sitting on the bed looking hot or something.”

“I can do that. So what’s he like?”

“He’s really submissive, oh my god. He’s like an abused puppy or something. It’s hilarious. I ordered his food for him, and when he wanted to order more wine he asked my permission in front of the waiter, and I made this really dramatic pause before saying, ‘You may.’ He looked like he was going to cum his pants. The waiter was weirded out.”

I killed time waiting in his hotel room eating complimentary chocolates and staring at myself in the bathroom mirror, zoning out. In these moments it’s better not to think. I really, really wanted to rummage through his suitcase, but limited myself to only looking inside his washbag, which was lying half open on the bathroom sink. Nothing inside would suggest it was owned by a man of sexually freakish nature. Damn.

When he finally showed up I was on the bed in this half sitting half lying down pose that I had worked out seemed the most “casual”. When he saw me he jumped, terrified. He was about 35, medium height, in good shape, lightly tanned, full head of hair, square jaw–handsome in a total ‘average man’ sort of way.

“Hi, I’m Mistress Karley, I said. “I’m Dee’s friend.” He kept his eyes to the floor until I said, “You can look at me,” and didn’t speak until I gave him permission. “You can get undressed now,” I said. I chose those specific words because I’d heard Dee say them to a client once before. He undressed slowly, folded his clothes and rested them on the night table. His dick was already locked in a plastic chastity belt. He got down on all fours and bowed his head to the ground and whispered, “I’m here for your pleasure, tell what you desire and I’ll obey.” These routines were becoming less and less weird to me.

Soon Dee showed up. She didn’t acknowledge him, just lied down on the bed with me and we talked for a while, caught up. Then she undressed down to a satin tank top and thong. This was unusual–in all of our sessions I’d never seen her undress or be so exposed. Weird, I thought.

The next hour was not unlike many of the other sessions. Dee made the slave give us foot massages. She made him act as our foot stool while we talked about whatever, she had him order us room service, fetch us water, kiss our feet. She put him in a ball gag and leather handcuffs while we played tickling games. She peed on him in the shower. So did I, because, like, why not? She spit in his mouth. She asked him if she was hotter than his wife and he says yes. She asked him if he thought his wife would want to fuck her and he said, “Anyone in their right mind would want to fuck you, Mistress, man or woman.” She asked him if he thought he was worthy of fucking her and he said no. She smiled. Right answer.

Before we left Dee reached into her bag and pulled out a key. “You can unlock that tomorrow morning,” she said, pointing at his caged dick.

On the way home I asked her why she got undressed. “You know by now that these relationships are all about power,” she said. “He was very submissive. He got off on making us comfortable and happy–it was never about him, it was only about us. And I wanted to be comfortable, so I took my dress of. But I wouldn’t always do that. You have to be able to read people.”

“But he didn’t even cum.”
“It wasn’t about that for him. He’s into the denial. I could tell him to keep his dick in that cage for a month and he’d obey. He’s one of the good ones.”



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  1. I love your sessions with Mistress Dee! I always love your blog, but this is some of the most interesting stuff in a while. Keep up the good dominatrix work!

  2. Karley, I love your domme/sub articles. You were a very funny domme to your past slaves, but when you introduced us to Mistress Dee, a whole new level of domination became involved. It sounds empowering, fascinating, and very fun. Would you consider writing a piece about sex toys of the dominating/submissive nature? If Dee uses any chastity belts or strap-ons you could ask her professional opinion about the best ones on the market, etc. Keep doing your thing girl!

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