Mature Allure: Dissecting the Attraction of the Older Man

What is it about older guys that’s so darn appealing (and why have I only just noticed it)? Find out in my newest Breathless column for Vogue :)



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  1. A great article that your wrote! I definitely can relate. Especially to being with the guy who never put sheets on his bed. I knew that he lived kinda nasty, but he was so cute and super artsy and cool. Life went on and we broke up. Now I am married to my high school sweetheart. We got pregnant at the age of 22 (he was 23). Not planned. We got married due to family pressure and it really sucked. We got a divorce and low and behold we got married again. It took him a few years to grow up. Due to everything we have been through we love each other and know each other better than we know ourselves and I couldn’t ask for a better relationship. Aren’t relationships funny. You never know where they are going to take you. All I know is that knowing who you are, is probably the most important thing in being a human being. If you have that, and don’t let a relationship, job, or other things define you, then you have it all. It’s just nice to have someone to share things with :) I’m now 39 and our son is 17. Now we are dealing with watching him struggle through his life and relationships!

  2. Wow, I feel like you were singing my song in that article! Well put, and I’m really excited to see something like that in a Vogue related context. I’ve always felt somewhat afraid of older men and have always dated good looking poor lads. After *tackling* that older man dating goal myself, I found that older men are secure in their place in life; but so insecure with dating younger women, even tho they think they desire it so much. Maybe we’re all forcing ourselves to be together cos its ‘sensible’. My sensible–and somewhat boring–late thirties boyfriend came out to me on NYE that he was involved in some bizarre public BDSM scene in London. I was floored. I guess he represented my ticket into normalcy. Behavior I would’ve tolerated from a younger man was suddenly unappealing. My safe older guy was a freak, and accused ME of looking for a prince charming. Fuck, it was nice to try on for a while tho. I’m 30 now, married to a younger man (27) and I feel like the dynamic is finally correct. As much fun as it was to try an older man on for a minute, I felt like it was almost condescending to have someone so supportive of my own self discovery. That shit is mine to discover, and I shall do it free from grey pubic hair.

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