The New Slutever Film on Purple TV is Up!

To remind you, I do a monthly Slutever video series for Purple mag’s Purple TELEVISION. Here’s my newest short film, Telephone!

The video was directed by the lovely Alan Del Rio Ortiz, and stars babes May Andersen and Emily Hope. I’m in it too, duh, and I wrote it, because I’m a screen writer now.




26 Replies to “The New Slutever Film on Purple TV is Up!”

  1. this whole persona is starting to become boring and predictable. You used to be funny, now you just get your tits out. Either make out with me, or just stop. (total threat)

  2. Karley, I love you and stuff, but remember that you don’t always have to strip naked and show your tits (although we all know you like to show your tits) just in order to get attention and seem “interesting”. Personally, I like you because you are hilarious, amazing and a great writer. You will never start to bore me as long as you just keep writing and being as fucked up, sweet and honest as you are. But eventually people will grow tired of watching you without clothes on and shit. I’d rather read your stories than watch your boobs – if people want to look at boobs they watch porn. Anyways, you’re awesome and my favorite blogger of all time. Love

  3. Why can’t she be a great writer and get off on showing her tits? I don’t see why the two have to be mutually exclusive.

  4. you became absolutely boring in the last half year. your tits are saggy and you probably have all kinds of diseases.
    talking about feminists and liberating woman, you are just another whore. if you want to be heard then do it with words and not with putting more shame on yourself. with that kind of behaviour you shouldnt be proud of your reader base which is 99% people who want to see you naked, why i dont know because you arent even pretty but people take what they can get.

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