The Sexual Logic of Petra and Karley

Petra: hot 
Petra Collins and I recently went on Know-Wave radio, and spent an hour answering sex and relationship questions (somewhat haphazardly), and playing some of our favorite songs. You can listen to our radio show HERE :)
P.S. The show features a song by my little brother’s new band, The Colorines. Check them out HERE.

Us at Know Wave :)



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  1. I loved what you guys said about hating the word bisexual because i feel exactly the same way and its the first time i hear someone saying this (its so good to know im not the only one to think its more about the PEOPLE you like than the fact they are a boy or a girl)
    Also the sound track is amazing. If you could tell me the name of the first song that played i’d be thankful for ever.
    I love your blog btw :D

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