The Technology of Teenage Kicks

This is an article originally written for the Vice Technology Issue entitled The Technology of Teenage Kicks, in which me and a hot guy from New York each conducted a scientific experiment to deduce what household items are the best to masturbate with. Here is an excerpt. Click link to read more. Enjoy!


I am a firm believer that the showerhead is God’s gift to women. In fact, my love for the showerhead is so strong that I now associate taking a shower more with coming than I do with cleaning myself. It’s perfect. It’s self-lubricating, it never sneakily tries to put itself in your ass, and it leaves you feeling clean, as opposed to sticky and smelling like discharge. Masturbating with a showerhead is so good that I even have sexy dreams about it. Instead of being pummeled by Jamie Bell, I’m having an intimate moment in a Roman bath with a beautifully crafted, antique showerhead. It’s so romantic.

Goodness of feeling: 9/10.
Difficulty: Are you kidding?
Skeeze factor: This is a perfectly guilt-free, sanitary way of a pre-going-to-work frig.


Back when I was 14, I awoke from a nude mid-afternoon nap with my dog licking my vagina. And I may or may not have let her go at it for a few seconds before swatting her away. Unfortunately, I wasn’t hardcore enough to try this again. My friend Hannah, however, loves letting her cat lick her pussy. She swears that receiving cunnilingus from an animal is way better than from any man tongue. I think her exact words were, “It’s like oohhhmygodooohhmmyyygooooood good.” And despite what you may
have heard, cat tongue actually feels way better than dog tongue because of its rough, sandpaperlike texture. This picture is a bit shit, but try getting your cat to pose for a photo five minutes after you’ve just tricked it into licking your vagina. Whoops, I mean my friend’s vagina.

Goodness of feeling: 10/10
Difficulty: It’s easier to toilet-train your cat, like Charles Mingus did.
Skeeze factor: Through the roof and probably illegal. Actually, wait—is oral sex with a cute fluffy pussycat illegal? It should be.


Anyone who says she’s never stuck food up her vagina is just a fucking liar. Back in high school, girls used carrots. Now that I’m a bit older and my flesh cave has stretched out to the point that it’s verging on baggy, I have moved on from slim-fit to super-plus tampons and use cucumbers rather than carrots. (If you make it to eggplant, you’ve gone too far.) Fucking yourself with a cucumber feels OK but not amazing. You definitely have to cover it in some form of lube first, otherwise it’s painful. But still, there’s no clitoral stimulation, which is shitty. This is why I don’t understand dildos. If it doesn’t vibrate and your clit isn’t getting any action, it’s pointless to me. Gash-tly, even. Get it?

Goodness of feel: 3/10.
Difficulty: Cinchy.
Skeeze factor: I thought about cleaning it off and putting it back in the fridge for about five minutes but decided against it. It was really embarrassing when my roommate asked me why I’d thrown away a perfectly good cucumber.


Alongside shampoo bottles and highlighters, the electric toothbrush and its slightly girthier cousin the Squiggle Pen are on the front lines of teenage ladies’ ongoing war with their vaginas. It makes sense—anything that vibrates feels good on your clit, be it a washing machine, a vibrating bus seat, or Michael J. Fox. This vibrating electronic toothbrush belongs to my roommate Dale. He doesn’t know I borrowed it. But if you’re like me and you’re too poor to afford the Rabbit, a vibrating toothbrush will do the job. In terms of vibrating potential, this toothbrush was a bit of a wuss and I took 20 minutes to “climax,” which was pretty boring and quite painful on the old clit.

Goodness of feel: 4/10
Difficulty: Basically what it’s made for.
Skeeze factor: Beyond the soreness and boredom, this was an entirely pedestrian wank.


I knew a goth girl who was into having her boyfriend fuck her with a BB gun that was modeled on the design of a Sig Sauer. She was also into cutting her arms open whenever she got stressed, but on the whole she was OK. Fucking myself with a BB gun was my tribute to her. I guess it was OK for the sheer novelty of it, but it didn’t actually feel the greatest. It was sort of sharp, slightly painful even. But the idea of being fucked with a gun was such a turn-on that I came more from the rush of adrenaline I got than I did from actual stimulation. It also helped to imagine that it was Bruce Willis doing the defiling. Fantasizing about his big strong arms and shiny bald head never fails to send me to Pleasure Town, so that really helped push me over the edge.

Goodness of feel: 3/10.
Difficulty: Getting it in there’s a little rough, but the rest is a breeze.
Skeeze factor: Both nasty and weird.



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  1. Interesting for sure. Why dont u find someone else who is a sex fiend and have them do all this depraved shit with each other. Making urself cum is great, but making someone else cum and licking it off them is better. peace.

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