This Week in Pictures

Hey! So I realize I have not been posting as often as usual this past month or so. I suppose I have been “busy”, although I hate it when people say that, it’s so obnoxious. Anyway, to update you, I was recently in LA and Mexico shooting a short film for UK Channel 4, and you can see some photos from the trip below. I don’t want to give too much of the storyline away as of yet, but I will say that at one point I kissed a 9 year old in a Mexican strip club (#casual). I will post the film later this summer. I also went on tour with Blood Orange for a week, on his American tour supporting Florence and the Machine. I imagined being on tour would be very “cool” and “rock n’ roll”, however it actually just involves sitting in a car for millions of hours at a time, listening to talk radio with guys who haven’t showered in weeks, and eating food out of foil bags from truck stops. Unglamorous. Although we did go to a strip club in Vegas, which I suppose made it all worth it. Some pics from the trip are posted below too. I’m also making a tour diary video which I will post once I get around to editing it. Editing it hard for me because my laptop is vintage and can’t even handle opening Microsoft Word without flashing up that nightmarish rainbow pinwheel from hell for at least three minutes. I wish I was rich. I know people say that money can’t buy you happiness, but I feel like surely it at least removes the sadness that comes from not having it. Right? I wouldn’t know.

I hate everything. My phone can’t go on the internet.

Here are some photos of my life, carefully curated to make it seem more exciting and carefree than it actually is.



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  1. When I use the excuse ‘I’m busy’ it usual means I’ve been working as a shitty sales assistant, or been stuck in a library. When you say it, you’re filming with Channel 4 (how fucking excited am I to be British right now?) and touring with Florence and the Machine – I feel like my blog isn’t opening the same amount of doors for me.

  2. “I know people say that money can’t buy you happiness, but I feel like surely it at least removes the sadness that comes from not having it. Right?”


  3. the first photo is the best…however, it would’ve been ten times greater if some rough lookin’ Mexican would have been carrying your luggage…

  4. you made a typo in a sentence about editing (“Editing it hard for me..”)
    not judging just laughing WITH you and amazed you write so well w/o intense editing
    curious: did you ever go to college?

  5. OMG! Like such perfect dream holiday…
    Not like me, spending summer inside in a tiny studio doing basically nothing, listening to the happy neighbors having too frequent orgasms. (Especially annoying when your bf is at work!).
    It makes me motivated to get into some adventures! :)

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