This Week in Pictures: Paris Edition

I recently got back to New York from Paris. I know a lot of people got mad (see the 9,000 furious comments) when I wrote that I was getting annoyed with Paris during my stay there. But to be fair I was annoyed, and was just being honest. Honesty in very important in a relationship, and I consider what you and I have a relationship. Don’t you? And it wasn’t because I “don’t understand European culture” or because I “want everywhere to be America” or whatever. I lived in Europe for seven years, I get the gist. And I really like it. I just feel like people in Paris are sort of cunty. I understand that people in New York are cunty too, but it’s different. I’ll break it down for you:

People in New York are like, “I have a superiority complex, but I’m also extremely successful and make fuck loads of money, and I’m just a generally positive person. However I’ve never read a book in my life.” People in Paris are like, “I have a superiority complex, I’ve never created anything particularly interesting, I have a boring job, but I’ve read a lot and am well traveled and therefore am interesting to talk to. However I probably won’t talk to you because I’m too good for you.” Which is better? I’m not actually sure. Although I will say that people in London tend to be a combination of both worlds. And they’re really hot. Although their downfall is they’re usually black-out wasted. Bottom line is, people suck everywhere, but at least in New York we have giant coffees and health food and Adderall.

But the point is, looking back at photos of my time in Paris, I remembered that I really did have an amazing time. I may have been in a particularly bad mood when I wrote that Paris post. I made a list of the top five places I went to. They are (in no particular order): Aux Deux Amis, an amazing French restaurant. Pretty sure I gained 30lbs there but it might have been worth it; Candelaria, a Mexican restaurant, which is rare in Paris. I went there like 9 times and every time it was flooded with American people rejoicing for having found this heavenly taco oasis; Mise En Cage, a great boutique for lingerie and erotic attire. They have everything from beautifully designed whips and latex dresses to lace crotchless panties; Come on Eileen, three floors of great and OK-ish priced vintage clothes, and lastly, Le Comptoir Général, which is one of the coolest bars I’ve ever been to. It’s more like a museum–it’s enormous with black and white tiled floors, colonial decor, chandeliers, red carpets and African souvenirs piled up in every corner. It even has a vintage shop inside it, as well as a little tropical garden/greenhouse in the center that you can sit in, and the crowd is a really amazing mix of people.

Below are pics from the trip. The top group were taken by Lessa Millet, and the bottom group are mine. (And actually they were taken in a combo of Paris, Sorrento, London and Barcelona.)


And all the blow photos where taken by me. Most are from my Instagram. Follow me yo! –@Karley Slutever :)




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  1. I decided I could live in Paris once I realized there were a lot of things I hated about it. Upon hearing this revelation, my Parisienne ex’s father gave her his approval to see me. Part of what I didn’t like was the necessity to be constantly hazed. It’s been explained to me over and over that in order to be accepted you basically have to be socially jumped in via obtuse sarcasm and social awkwardness, possibly a drink thrown in your face. I still love it there. And hate it.

    1. I never ceased to be amazed by the amount of people here who give you respect if you’re really catty and horrible to them but who trample all over you if you’re nice and friendly.

  2. is there a better photo of those glasses you’re wearing? from afar they are definitely the best glasses I’ve ever seen anybody wear

  3. Gosh, just came back from France (and Paris), the French had JUST another strike, this time the air space in France was shut down. Tried hitching but no-one of them would stop. I thought I liked France, having been there before, but now I can say a thing: A lot of the French are fucking arrogant and impolite! Oh, and they can’t stand any criticism. Paris is overrated as well, London is soo much better and multicultural. Not sure if I should give it another go – I like the nature and landscape and I try to cut down on flying and use the train so France is quite conveniently located.

  4. btw, where is that council block/estate in? seems like east london but i cant locate it. its not around old nichol street?

  5. I almost feel guilty for the amount i hate Paris. After living there for 8 months i basically have nothing nice to say about it… but i’m from Cape Town, so dont listen to me.

  6. If the american apparel ads in the corner of your ”blog” don’t make you want to buy into a life full of nothing, the means in which you document and present your pointless excursions into the known surely will. Everything about this and you is false.

    1. @choochoofuckit eat a bag of dicks, firstly. The whole idea of writing a blog is to get followers and with that advertisers will follow to make a nice living. Obviously you don’t get it since you chew and inhale dick for living.

      1. My irk is not with the advertising so much as the vacuous life style it encourages you fugg-muggit. Wow, you fuck people and travel, great, go make a bunch of girls insecure about how much they fuck. Your contribution to the ”real” is astounding. All this fake stuff is slowly dribbling out the ass of Bedford anyway. VICE culture, ”party” culture – make sure your sene and photographed. Its allll about the social. You fucking rebel. ”I bet I could drunk getter than you!!!”

        1. You are clearly uninformed, because online ads do not pay much at all, unless the site has millions of hits. That AA ad doesn’t even pay half my rent each month. And the “traveling” you are referring to was not a vacation. I was in Paris working on my book, having intentionally removed myself from the city where all my friends are so I could better concentrate. And I’m sure you know far more about party culture than me, because I work seven days a week and literally can’t remember the last time I was drunk.

          1. Well I’m sure if your book is called How Not To Be Sexy-licious and it further elaborates on how to be a translucent person then I’m sure it will be a major hit with the coke-elite of shmoozville, and hey you might be able to take a break and take some more pictures of people on laptops in bed.

            ”having intentionally removed myself from the city where all my friends are so I could better concentrate” …most people can do that by simply ‘concentrating’.

            If I had to fly half way around the world to work on my book I’d have gout.

            First…Zero world problems I guess.

        2. So Karley shouldnt post harmless pictures in her own personal blog because people like you basically get jealous and they reinforce your low self-esteem? you’re a douche….

          1. No Mary Sue, why would anyone suggest stopping freedom of expression? She should douche whatever…I mean, slutever she wants but its just informing a very empty and impressionable social niche.

            I have really high self esteem. I love myself dearly and I feel this type of writing detracts people from loving themselves. Instead they are sold an image of the all important and life defining ‘hip’.

            I also think Karly is fucking insanely hot and intelligent. It would be awesome to see that energy put to lucid use instead of this hazy generational meandering.

            I would sell my grandmother for five minutes with her.

  7. Really nice set of pictures you have there, I’m digging your wardrobe.

    Oh and classic Karley tit shot ftw.

  8. Every time you make a ‘This Week in Pictures’ post, I always come to the conclusion that I would like to sleep with many of your friends.

  9. your outfits are perf. you have like an 80s-chic vibe (which is good) esp. with the black jacket and red dress (skirt?) chunky heels combo. And I love your short hair. it angles your face really well. ive wanted to move to france for awhile and these posts/comments are really making me reconsider that option. (well im definitely not moving to paris but probs like avignon.) can you speak french at all? i luv you

  10. I don’t know why there was so much controversy over your last Paris post considering that everything was true. Also, as an America who has been living in London for awhile I think I need to get the fuck out of London and get myself to New York. London just gets too depressing especially after being around all the morose people there. After visiting New York, I feel like there’s a better energy in the city.

  11. You look really relaxed in a lot of these pics. Like you’re in a pretty good place in your life and just feelin’ good. I hope that’s the case, and I’m happy for you. :)

  12. can you do a new york edition next time? id be interested in living there for some time but not sure how difficult it is when youre not american and still a student! cant afford the bloody US university fees

  13. is that patrick eudeline on the instagram, the guy with a stupid Baker hat and rayban shades? also howww come u’ve got so many French friends? are they horrible??

  14. you bitched about paris and that’s cool because you’re entitled to like what you want. some people love paris, some people don’t. you can’t love every city.
    great pictures :)

  15. Paris is cool, London is cool, but when are you coming to Melbourne? If you want artsy, friendly, wild party types, you should be in Australia!

  16. Heey Karley!
    You american people seem to have difficulty to understand a simple thing: Europe is not a country!!!
    It is not because you’ve enjoyed your stay in UK that you’ll like Paris.
    It is always to live in a country and be able ti understand the language. Also, what you have seen of Paris is just the worst part, for tourists.

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