This Week in Sex: Pussy Pics, Patreon & Pornhub

What’s Bollywood’s answer to Sex and the City? How can you have better summer sex? What’s up with Patreon post-SESTA/FOSTA? This and more (extremely important) info in our weekly #sexnews :) Happy reading, sluts!

Patreon is the latest to go in the wake of SESTA-FOSTA.

“The vibrant and almost limitless quality of the fandom’s sexual parameters… offers these users an expansive psychic freedom to explore their own attractions in a world that otherwise attempts to relegate young female sexuality to a tidy little box.” A new article examines the power of erotic fan fiction.

The New York Times looks at the history of pussy selfies (which they call “V-selfies”, because pussy sounds scary!!!!!) as well as the relative lack of discussion about them in comparison with dick pics.

NPR is surprised to find out what a sensation Bollywood’s filmic answer to Sex and the City is. In My Bro’s Wedding, the four main female characters “hook up, chain-smoke, drink until they vomit and cuss like sailors,” which actually sounds way rowdier than SATC.

Here’s how to improve sex in hot weather.

Introducing Yin Q, the queer Asian-American dominatrix, activist and writer whose memoir was just made into a TV show.

Some scientists analyzed the data from a major sex survey and divided people up into four categories of sexual partners: Squares, Spankers, Show-Offs and Kitchen Sinks.

Pornhub is getting accessible: they now offer subtitles for viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing.



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