This Week in Sex – July 14

Weekly sex news from Slutever. This week’s link roundup touches on everything from sexting grammar, to the return of The L Word (yes, really!). Happy reading, sluts!

We are awaiting with baited breath the surely impending TLC special on The Man Who Tried to Fuck A Motorcycle. Image subtitles of note include: “Chapman had been drinking before the incident.” See also notorious 2015 incident in a similar vein: British Man Has Sex With Mailbox.

Apparently, bloody medieval fuckfest Game of Thrones has actually been steadily INCREASING its rape scene quota. Neat!!

The world’s largest swingers’ festival happened this week in New Orleans. While there were, in fact, actual swing sets present (somebody, somewhere, has a sense of humour), it was primarily a celebration of non-monogamy.

Seminal, beloved and often problematic early 2000s lesbian TV show The L Word is coming back. Living talking laughing loving breathing fighting fucking crying drinking!!!

“I moan” – Berlin writer Josie Thaddeus-Johns bemoans sexting in the present tense, and outlines a linguistics of dirty talk.

Speaking of which, a bunch of youths not yet old enough to appreciate sexting grammar etiquette are sexting prolifically, apparently.

Three up-and-coming female directors discuss the nuances of portraying sex in film.

Dazed writer Georgina Jones talks to photographer Lauren Crow (whose work Jones calls “60s and ‘70s aesthetic porno meets Nan Goldin”) about her new book Lascivious, which features real people getting it on or just being sensual solo.

Shockingly famous woman-child Selena Gomez just released a video/single that blatantly misuses the word fetish but was directed by Petra Collins, so that’s nice. In case you’re wondering, no, you can’t have a “love” fetish.



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