This Week in Sex – July 21

Weekly sex news from Slutever. This week’s link roundup touches on everything from “Dick Socialism” to helicopter voyeurism. Happy reading, sluts!

Teen Vogue publishes guide to anal sex, uproar by way of bored conservatives ensues. Tried to think of a joke suggesting said conservatives ironically have a stick up their ass, couldn’t think of one.

Apps linking kinky people to other compatibly kinky people are proliferating. Some people are upset about it, but not who you might think.

Writer Priscilla Pine wants to seize and redistribute the means of reproduction via a little something she calls Dick Socialism.

Indulge your sex FOMO (or, more likely, remind yourself how vanilla most people are compared to you) by way of this study that looked at what kind of sex Americans are having.

A former U.K. police officer is facing misconduct charges after he used his force’s police helicopter to film a couple of nudists hanging out and a couple having sex in a garden. Prosecutors are describing the ex-officer in question as “a swinging and sex-obsessed air observer.” Any other people of a similar description can feel free to contact us directly.

Turns out Certified Creep R. Kelly is the head of a sex cult. But like, a bad kind of sex cult.

Italian artist Carol Rama’s works – informed by a fascination with the body and sexuality – are on view at the New Museum in NYC.

Bitch Media features a roundtable discussion on casual sex. Highlights include: “Marriage is a prison of death.”



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