This Week in Sex – July 7th

Weekly sex news from Slutever. This week’s link roundup touches on everything from Cara Delevigne and her ever-flexible sexuality, to how baby boomers love to cheat. Happy reading, sluts!

The titillatingly named Foundation for Responsible Robotics just published a report heralding a sexual revolution brought on by sex robots. Internet fear-mongers have since been in a tizzy, claiming the evil sex robots will ruin everything. We say bring on the revolution!

Baby-boomers – the last generation able to buy houses due to avocado toast shortages in their formative years – couldn’t give less of a fuck about the so-called sanctity of marriage, apparently. According to this recent study, they are doing lots of extramarital fucking (and probably lamenting that Millennials ruined dating while they’re at it). Yes, that means your parents.

Speaking of parents, stoner-darling Seth Rogen’s mother dearest tweeted (yes, tweeted, on the Twitter) a simile comparing sex and yoga and embarrassed her adult children. In Rogen’s words: “Jesus fucking Christ mom.” Same.

Debates about revenge porn (particularly of the high-society variety) resurfaced in the public imagination this week with a scandal involving O.J. Simpson’s lawyer’s son Robert Kardashian and his ex-fiancee Blac Chyna (with whom he has a child named Dream). Revenge porn is never cute. On another note, I have a very serious Q: Why does Robert’s name start with an “R”? He could have been Kyle. Confused.

Allure very kindly published this helpful guide to safe butt plug play. Cheers!

Apparently not only is the 4th of July a socially acceptable day to be a firework-wielding nationalist, but it’s also (unofficially) an outdoor sex holiday! Hope you all blessed the much-lauded American soil with a romp on an itchy patch of grass this Independence Day. Hope also that you are not still itchy because of it.

Cara Delevigne is sexually fluid and it’s fine, everyone chill out.

Very excellent Canadian feminist magazine GUTS has just started a dating (and sexing) advice column called Courting Disaster. Said advice will come from knowledgeable artist and activist Morgan M Page. Just in case you didn’t know, we have an advice column too (shameless plug!!!).



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