This Week in Sex — June 23

Weekly sex news from Slutever. This week’s link roundup touches on everything from vagina dentata, to a new NYC exhibition centered around female gaze.

It’s the 10-year anniversary of legendary film Teeth, which features a young woman with vagina dentata – AKA super-sharp teeth in her vagina. All the better to castrate stepbrothers with, you know? The film fits somewhere between B-movie female body horror (written by a man, hello) and cathartic feminist rape-revenge.

As we mentioned last week, a bunch of old rich white fucks are about to decimate access to sexual healthcare (and everything other kind of healthcare) in the U.S. Donate to Planned Parenthood here.

In other terrible news, residents of Northern Ireland trying to get abortions in other parts of the U.K. will have to pay thousands of dollars for them (rather than have them be funded by the NHS) “out of respect” for Northern Ireland’s horrifically strict legislature surrounding reproductive rights.

In a sweeping feat of hypocrisy, a Hindu group in India wants the ancient Hindu sex tome The Kama Sutra banned from being sold at the Khajuraho temples, whose walls feature erotic sculptures.

Disgusting Creep Bill Cosby walks out of a hung trial (despite 60!!!! sexual assault allegations) with plans to “educate people on how to avoid accusations of sexual assault.” You heard right, he’s not teaching people how to NOT SEXUALLY ASSAULT PEOPLE, but rather how to not get caught. America’s dad indeed.

Apparently the youths (in the U.S.) are being super responsible when it comes to sex. As in, they’re not really having it much, and they’re using protection. I doubt sex education has improved much, so maybe we have the internet to thank?

An exhibition called SECRET GARDEN: The Female Gaze on Erotica will on show at The Untitled Space in New York from June 27 – July 30. The group exhibition features work by artists such as India Menuez and Kat Toronto.



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