This Week in Sex — June 16

Weekly sex news from Slutever. This week’s link roundup touches on everything from fucking on reality TV to Colombian polyamory. Happy reading, sluts!

Bullett Media features the work and thoughts of self-portrait artist Kat Toronto AKA Miss Meatface AKA “the surrealist lovechild of a John Waters, Betty Page and Helen Gurley Brown threesome gone terribly wrong.” She’s the latex-housewife of your wet nightmares.

Three gay men in Colombia have become the first polyamorous family to be legally recognized in the country. As an official family unit, they now have similar rights to married couples.

It’s Nice That does a sneak-preview of Accent Magazine’s feature (shot by Maya Fuhr) on a group of young Toronto-based dominatrixes. Mistress Isobel can step all over us any day she wants.

A sex columnist writes about some of the many creepy men who are creepy to her. Turns out it’s not cute to be creepy to sex columnists, huh!

News flash: Trump is a gigantic piece of flaming shit. Surprising, right? His pack of wolves administration has just drafted a massive revision of the government’s mandate on contraception coverage, which means hundreds of thousands of women could be denied birth control benefits. Add that to the fact that Planned Parenthood has essentially been de-funded, and we’re all going to suddenly have 8 unwanted children each and truly horrendous cramps. Fuck.

An Autostraddle writer rounds up the top 5 worst songs they’ve had sex to.

Ever wondered how sex is choreographed on reality TV? Did all the reality TV sex you’ve ever almost-seen just flash before your eyes, from Speidi to the Jersey Shore smush room? Can you say “producers plan dalliances in preproduction” five times fast?



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