This Week in Sex – June 30

Weekly sex news from Slutever. This week’s link roundup touches on everything from how your anti-depressants could be affecting you sex life, to Pornhub-synced sex toys. Happy reading, sluts!

The 10 most sex-positive cities in the world according to adult entertainment company Lazeeva may or may not surprise you. This study included top porn searches for each sex-positive city. Paris’ top search is “maman” which means “mom.” So, there’s that.

The Vatican is under scrutiny for sex abuse against children. This is such a classic piece of news I almost scrolled right past it. Sex abuse in the Vatican? Be still my beating heart! The Church’s third most powerful man, Cardinal George Pell, is the Vatican’s exposed molester du jour.

In a move to Make Masturbation More Elaborate Again, Pornhub just introduced videos that sync up to connected sex toys. This means the toy will pulse in tandem with the video.

Are you on anti-depressants like every single other person in the U.S.? Is it fucking with your fucking? Read this moderately helpful article about your sex drive on SSRIs. Or SNRIs.

Pride was this week and so was the Dyke March! This isn’t strictly sex news but a lot of people definitely got laid.

This week in Random Studies That Probably Don’t Mean Anything But Validate Us Anyway, according to researchers from Oxford and Coventry Universities who surveyed a group of old people, having lots of sex means your brain functions better. Neat! Let’s all pinky promise to continue fucking enthusiastically into our old age.

New York’s Museum of Sex, though historically expensive and mildly disappointing, has a cool-looking new exhibition on. The title’s lack of originality hopefully isn’t indicative of the quality of the featured work. It’s called NSFW: Female Gaze, and showcases the work of 25 female artists exploring “a fearless new language of desire.”



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