This Week in Sex – June 9

Weekly sex news from Slutever. This week’s link roundup touches on everything from fucking in outer space to James Franco the perpetual pornographer. Happy reading, sluts!

“Summer cabbage” is 19th Century slang for sex. In case you want to alienate friends and influence people to stay the fuck away from you, here’s a list of some more archaic sex slang.

People are coming out as… Pornosexuals. As in their sexual preference is porn over people. You do you, I guess.

Ever wanted to ruin an ex’s day by anonymously telling them you have an STI? Now you can! And other more wholesome things. First-ever virtual sexual health service Biem lets you talk to a sexual healthcare professional from the comfort of your phone/home, make an appointment to get tested at a nearby lab, or even have a technician come to your apartment, among a lot of other cool stuff.

Nobody’s wearing condoms anymore, and frankly it’s not cute.

Things get hairy in a good way in this Allure feature on 5 Women’s pubic hair.

Freshly mustachioed, James Franco resumes his rightful place as star of 1970s-set HBO series The Deuce, which examines a pivotal time for the New York City porn industry. Watch the just-released teaser trailer here.

Autostraddle very kindly rounds up a list of 14 sex toys that don’t look like body parts. Would you rather get yourself off with an emoji or a hedgehog? Perhaps a popsicle? What a time to be alive.

Turns out sex in outer space is less like fucking while high on the devil’s lettuce and more like getting fingered in the shower by an extraterrestrial scorpion thing in Alien: Covenant. Highly uncomfortable, that is.



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