This Week in Sex News

Here’s what’s been happening in the world’s of sex and dating in the past week(ish) that you need to know in order to interact with other humans and not look dumb. By Karley Sciortino. Clips pulled along with Kristen Cochrane.

1) Official creep Bill Cosby admitted to using drugs to seduce women


In the latest in the ‘Bill Cosby is a scumbag rapist’ narrative, the New York Times obtained a deposition that Cosby gave 10 years ago, in defense of a lawsuit filed by a young woman who accused him of drugging and molesting her. The deposition was kept private until now. In it he admits to pretending to care about a woman’s father’s cancer diagnosis in an attempt to sleep with her, and obtaining quaaludes as part of his effort to have sex with women. And a bunch of other disgusting stuff. You should read this New York Times article, which goes into the deposition in detail.

2) A sex tape made in a Uniqlo dressing room in China goes viral


A young couple filmed themselves banging in a Uniqlo clothing store in Beijing, and it soon was shared millions of times. For some reason, that inspired large groups of young Chinese people to come and selfie outside the store where the sex tape was filmed. A natural response. However, authorities in China are freaking out because porn is illegal and blocked in China—ahh! how do they live?!—but the video still managed to get around and, ya know, poison the minds of the youth, mwahahaha. Since the scandal, six people have been arrested, including the people in the video. Read about it more in detail in this LA Times article.

3) Women want to fuck their stepbrothers, apparently


As we all know, incest narratives can be hot. No? Come ooonThe Dreamers is the most erotic movie of all time, and I must have masturbated to those sexually charged scenes between Kathryn and Sebastian in Cruel Intentions like 50 times during my teen years. Still, it’s sort of surprising that, for months now, self-published stepsibling romance novels have become a staple on Amazon’s best-seller list. For the first time, books with titles like My Stepbrother, My Lover; Stepbrother Charming; Stepbrother Dearest; I’m in Love with my Stepbrother are listed next to a Dan Brown book. And Penelope Ward’s Stepbrother Dearest hit #3 on the New York Times Bestseller list in the spring of this year. So basc, the huge market for this genre means there’s a lot of people (read: women) who are getting off to this fantasy. Read more on Jezebel.

4) Republicans in Congress continue to try to discriminate against gay people, ugh


Basically, despite the supreme court’s decision to legalize same sex marriage, conservative republicans still want to be able to discriminate against gay people, but to disguise their discrimination by what they call “religious freedom.”For instance, they believe that a Christian florist should be free to refuse service to gay people based on the fact that his/her religion is anti-gay. Or that a company should eb able to fire a gay person because the owner of the company’s religion is anti gay. Currently, Republicans in Congress are trying to create legislation that will make that discrimination legal. Read more about the amazing ignorance in this country in this New York Times article.



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