This Week in Sex – October 7

Weekly sex news from Slutever. This week’s link roundup touches on everything from lesbian sex-ed, to stories of sex and scheduling from a woman with 6 lovers. Happy reading, sluts!

“Why is sexuality still framed under a heteronormative and transphobic framework that centers orgasm and the procreative viability of cum?” Estelle Davis discusses jizz, autogynephelia, and the mythology of the orgasm for Issue 17 of The Editorial Magazine.

Can censorship be sexy? Can you hide a nipple artfully? This book looks at censorship in Thai erotic magazines from the 1960s and 70s.

In a recent edition of the Guardian’s “My Life in Sex” series, a woman with several lovers has a knack for scheduling.

This week in Famous Creeps, film executive Harvey Weinstein has been accused of committing multiple counts of sexual assault assault over many years and wielding his immense power to continue living his creepy life unscathed. “Power imbalance is so key to sexual assault, and in the case of Weinstein, to the ability to keep it from coming to light for so very long.”

Pajama’d and polarizing, Playboy playboy numero uno Hugh Hefner died at 91.

You know how sex ed for straight people in the US is fucking pitiful, and you’re lucky if you come out of it knowing how to put a condom on a banana? Well, it’s even worse if you’re a queer woman. These lesbian vloggers hope to teach baby dykes around the world how to fuck safely (and well).

This past Thursday, Senator Lindsey Graham introduced a euphemistically (and misleadingly) -titled bill – the “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act” – which criminalizes abortions beyond the 20-week mark.

Is this Colombia’s Fyre Festival? YouTube removed an ad for a Colombian sex island holiday where 30 men get access to the minds and bodies of two women each 24 hours a day (and orgies and golf, depending on the package you buy) for the negligible fee of a couple thousand dollars.



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