Tori Black on the cover of Richardson

I interviewed porn star Tori Black for the cover of the new issue of Richardson, out now! The cover features Tori photographed by Araki, and inside you can read her crazy interview, conducted by me and the iconic cult pornographer Bruce La Bruce. And when I say “crazy” I actually mean it–her life story is beyond anything I’ve ever heard, from psychotherapy boot-camp, to gang rape, to kidnapping by a human trafficker to… well, porn stardom :)

Richardson is an academic sex magazine. You may remember that I interviewed the very dashing editor and publisher, Andrew Richardson, for the publication of their last issue, which was themed around love. The theme of the current issue is DEATH, and features contributors like Harmony Korine, Dan Colen, Aurel Schmidt, Terry Richardson, Paul McCarthy, Nate Lowman, Bret Easton Ellis and way more. There’s some scary stuff in those pages, so beware…



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    1. The mag just came out so the content isn’t online, you’ve got to buy the mag if you want to read it :) (Or go look at it in a magazine shop, I suppose.)

  1. Not a fan of Tori Black. She’s a cold fuck/performer. Karley, on the other hand, looks into your eyes when she’s sucking your cock. ;) Very subtle.

  2. I’ve seen Tori in a couple of scenes and she seemed into it, to me. I think it was towards the tail-end of her career. I do know that some of the other porn stars don’t like her for some reason.

  3. She is the hottest girl ever, in porn. She fucks with complete abandon – hard, intense, rough – and she takes on all of them. Never seen a girl deep throat like Tori does, either. I mean, she takes the biggest of them right up to the hilt. And gawd, does she talk a beautiful dirty language when she’s busy. She has redefined sex, this girl. Couldn’t believe it when I saw her first MMF. She’s BEYOND the limit. Great stuff, Tori. PLEASE CUM BACK!!

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