Ask a Porn Star: Vanessa Veracruz

Porn whisperer Vera Papisova gets the dish from girl/girl performer Vanessa Veracruz about the art of cunnilingus and why camming is an awesome job. Photo by Shameless.

True story: Vanessa Veracruz has a video called “All Girls Massage” that I always refer to when giving a massage in bed. Vanessa, an adult model and girl/girl performer, has been in the industry for 4 years. She swears by her webcam shows – she started doing them recently, and now says every girl in the industry should be doing it. Not only because “camming” helps you build your fanbase quickly, but because it helps make a little extra money on the side. One of my favorite things about Vanessa is how candid she is about the business of the adult industry – she’s not afraid to talk about money, and it’s refreshing. Vanessa is also one of the stars of the six-part series, Business of Womena Girlsway original feature that deals with power, lust and control.

I call up Vanessa on a Friday night after one of her cam shows, and we discuss the art of cunnilingus, her boobs (they’re awesome), and what the number one thing new girls in the industry need to know.  


Vera: What do you usually talk about on your cam shows?

Vanessa: My life and my cats.

Do you have any tips for giving a girl great oral?

Make sure you know how to finger a girl. Don’t just go in and out, that doesn’t do anything. Use two fingers and make a “come here” motion, that’s how you find the g-spot. So, do that while you lick the clit. When you’re licking the clit, I like to lick slowly from top to bottom using my whole tongue, not just the tip!

Most annoying question you get asked?

Are your boobs real?

You’ve told me that a big problem for porn stars in the industry is douching. As a performer, how often do you have to douche?

You’re not forced to douche, but there are douches on set, and girls usually get uncomfortable if you don’t douche. So, usually you have to do it before every scene.

Why is it bad for you to douche so often?

The problem is that it’s not natural for you to wash the healthy bacteria from your vagina, and it affects your healthy pH. A healthy pH is what protects your vagina from getting infections.

Why is it bad not to douche before a scene?

When you first start doing adult, you feel pressured to have to douche. I met a couple girls who take their probiotics and they know their bodies really well, so they don’t douche, and it’s fine. If you have nothing going on, I don’t care. Pussy is going to taste like pussy. What happens is that if a girl doesn’t douche, she’ll tell you ahead of time. She’ll be like “hey, I’m not douching, but everything is peaches and cream down there, so don’t worry.” If that’s the case, I’m totally fine with that, but I’ve heard stories of girls who don’t douche who have something going on. Obviously, you can tell by smell if they have a yeast infection or BV, and that’s not so nice.

What’s the number one thing most new girls in the industry don’t know but need to?

When a girl comes into the adult business, usually she has an agent at an agency, but what she doesn’t know is that the agent ends up buying your URL. The first time I signed, when I started in the business, they were thinking about names, and we decided on Vanessa Veracruz. Little did I know, the very next day that I signed with him, he ended up buying my URL. This is a common thing that happens. When I first started, I didn’t think this was that big of a deal, but this year, for example, I realized it would be stupid for me not to build my own website. So, it was a lot of work with lawyers involved to get my URL back. All performers should know that.

I know girls who, four months after signing with an agent, realize their agent owns their URL, so they change their name. I’ve been doing it for four years, so I can’t do that now. Agents are part of a network, so they want you to build your site with them. They end up using the sites to redirect people to other sites using affiliate links, and I don’t get any of that money even though it’s my name and my work, so my ex-agent would be making money off of that. Not cool.

Vera Papisova is a writer and sometimes standup comedian who writes for Teen Vogue, Yahoo Style and Complex. Read her previous Ask a Porn Star with Joanna Angel here:



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