Vice Meets Andrew Richardson

In light of the interview I posted a few days ago with Andrew Richardson, the man behind the sex magazine Richardson, I thought I would share this video with you. It’s the newest episode of the VICE Meets series (which is made by my friend Adri Murguia, who also makes the VICE Slutever show), and it features Mr. Richardson talking about sex, love, porn stars, ass-less skirts and lots of other good stuff. Watching this makes me want to spend the rest of my life wearing latex and smoking cigarettes (even though I know they are very bad for you).



9 Replies to “Vice Meets Andrew Richardson”

  1. could they have chosen more of a prude to interview this man?..she may be your friend honey, but she flipped her imagination switch to off for this interview…which probably means she a great cook!

  2. This magazine looks delish. I can imagine it’s relatively hard to get hold off huh?

    … I bet Cleo is totally corruptible.

      1. Mine is big too (was considering getting a job, im so proud that you haven’t, considering you are a role model to a lot of women. Have you ever thought about it?) Besides, Louis Theroux once said (to a girl with a huge crooked nose on his doco about plastic surgery) that big features including noses add character, besides I reckon it gives you sex appeal. Also Louis Theroux DREAM MAN OF MY LIFETIME.

  3. Irrelevant to this but I have such a big crush on you. I joined the legions that want to get in your pants.

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