Vice Slutever Show, ep 2 – “Polygamy: Lolz or Nolz”

The second episode of the Vice Slutever show is up! (Here is ep 1 if you didn’t catch it.) This week we explore the wonders of Polygamy and meet a Facebook cult leader with over 250 wives.



26 Replies to “Vice Slutever Show, ep 2 – “Polygamy: Lolz or Nolz””

  1. I think you just met the wrong guy. He’s kind of insane… I’m sure polyamour can be great with normal people… like sane and stuff.

  2. i have to watch it over again to get it all, which is a great thing. yay.

    and lolz, for what it’s worth

  3. Funny to see this after seeing that chalkboard show up in posts months ago. Also funny that the one girl gets mad at him, when, like, HE NEVER MAKES SENSE! Why is she surprised??

  4. You are possibly the biggest waste of time on the internet. Wait, scratch that, me taking the time to actually comment on this post is the biggest waste of time on the internet. You don’t sound intelligent, or even witty. You are just a slut who plays off the fact that you live in williamsburg in order to get attention. I gave you a fair try, I really did, I went back a few posts but between self-gratifying clips of you masturbating and articles about how your boyfriend likes to anally rape you I found nothing amusing or captivating. You are not edgy…you are pre-fab.

    1. I’ve no intentions of changing your opinion but I think it’s great that someone is putting their sex life out there. And I think it’s very original and real. I’m guessing you’ve been reading a lot of Marie Claire or, I don’t know… Seventeen? Loosen up and broaden your limits a little bit. You sounded like you’ve a flowerhorn stuck in your anal hole. x

    2. dude, she just wrote a blog post that you didn’t like she didn’t spit on your mom so waddup with all the anger? chill


    What a sad cult leader, D-bag from hell if you ask me. I rex this vid was awesome, loved the take off of SATC, loved that awkward sit’chh you caught and loved the LOLZER commentator Mcallister from the cheap seats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. im a twisted individual as in nasty u share alot of these interest and lusts im intrigue by what im learning about myself and would ove to show u things that will make u fuckin grandma squirt

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