VICE Slutever Show, ep 3 – Book Bitch

Hey guys! The third episode of the VICE Slutever show, “Book Bitch”, is here! Many long term readers of this blog (hey guys!) will remember Book Bitch–the nickname for my former internet slave. If not, here’s some background info:

Like many of us, I used to have a slave who paid my rent. (#casual) How I met my slave was: about a year ago, while browsing one of my favorite fetish forums, I started chatting with a submissive guy from London who informed me that he was a “cash pig”. Cash pig is the BDSM term for someone who’s into financial domination. (They can also be called ‘money slaves’ or ‘human ATMs’–LOL) So basically, a cash pig is a person who gets turned on by being forced to give other people their money for no reason. I thought, “Jackpot!”

Over the following months, my new internet friend and I became pretty close. Our relationship consisted mainly of him buying me books on Amazon (which is how he earned the name Book Bitch) and Paypaling me money in exchange for degrading emails. For a while Book Bitch even started paying my rent. I wrote all about it–check out the old posts about Book Bitch here, here, here and here.

I never thought I would meet Book Bitch in person, as our relationship was so rooted in virtual abuse (and TBH it sort of creeped me out how he kept offering to fly to NYC and pay me $200 to “give me oral pleasure”). However, fate (aka VICE) ended up bringing us together… in London! Watch “Book Bitch” to find out what happened.



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      1. how long was that? my bf is illegal and afraid to travel because he might be deported and never be able to go back to europe.

  1. lolzies

    the spit thing was gross for me but no matter because now im off to google my own cash cow or whatever, slutever

  2. I wanna be a dominatrix…but I don’t want to pee in anyone’s mouth. Or have anyone go down on me. I just want to be mean to guys.

  3. omg he sounds like a really normal dude. i pictured him being an old gross serial rapist. you should of made him buy you a really expensive dinner! he totally would of gotten a raging hard on

  4. totally hot. you that is. not him. let me know if you ever want to do some group dominatrix scene. i’ve learned a lot from being on the receiving end….

  5. So hang on didn’t I read on this bog that you were a dominatrix in training? I guess you’re not as interesting as you make out and this is just another bourgeois pretense, like your mall talk affectations, whatever!

    by the way I love your blog but often I cant help and troll comment, mostly criticizing women, because I’m a raving chauvinist.

  6. You’ll know you’re a dominatrix when writing about it makes a touching story, not grotesque. Like maybe in Stephen Eliott’s stories. Just saying.

  7. Was it awkward meeting him? It looked kind of awkward but I couldn’t really tell. I’ve never had a non-awks meeting with anyone from the internet. It’s always like “ok we’ve already talked a lot online so we can’t talk like we’re just meeting each other for the first time but we are just meeting each other for the first time.”
    Maybe I’m just over thinking this. Maybe I’m just awkward.

    1. It was definitely awkward, It was like, “Hey nice to meet you, I’ve watched you jerk-off on webcam.”

  8. BTW Karley as a submissive guy i find your posts about the fetish world very exciting. I will submit to a woman like you and be a book bitch in a second.

      1. Definitely. I’m sure i’m not the first to offer to be your bitch : ). If you know any similar women like you who wouldn’t mind using a guy, tell them about me! : )

    1. I am a willing man if you are interested. It is my fantasy to meet a girl who would be cruel to me and make her pamper me. reply and i’ll give you my e-mail : )

  9. Hey…. I wanna become a dominatrix all areas I would love to have slaves… I am interested in learning how to do the phone sex also…. How can I find out more? How can you learn and set up…. :)

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