VICE Slutever Show, ep 4 – Sissy Sarah

Sup? Episode four is here! I met the legendary Sissy Sarah! Check it out!

So after this week the show will be on hiatus for a few weeks, but we will be back with more episodes very soon. More stuff about BDSM and some stuff about orgasms too. Woo, orgasms! Also, if you have stuff, people, or specific topics you think we should feature on the Vice Slutever show, please feel free to mention them in the comments. I would appreciate knowing what you want to see. Xoxo



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  1. Do you think that now that you’ve had experience as a dominatrix your attitude towards these people you’re interviewing will be more forceful in future episodes?

  2. Hello Karley,

    If you could please check your email, I sent you a message a few days ago regarding a video art installation project with New York-based artist Skye Nicolas. Please let us know if you had the chance to review, email us back at pr[@]


  3. Get as far out as you possibly can. Full degenerate status. Interview furries and watch them fuck in fur suits. Go to an East German dungeon and make some scheiße porn (it’s okay, you won’t be touching them, just your poop). Go to nudist colonies full of old people and judge whether they truly believe in ‘expressing themselves without clothing’ or if they’re just using nudism as a pretext to fuck. Go to a lesbian bar and see how many free drinks you can score, while providing your viewers with fap material of another girl feeling you up. A video interview of the adult baby would be hilarious.

  4. sometimes you hold your mouth/chin in an odd way, you’d be much prettier if you shut your mouth rather than do that? i am trying to be helpful not hurtful :(

  5. my favourite series ♡

    I’d like to see would be you teaching/get taught different techniques. I liked in the first episode with the gobbie giving lesson. I wanted to learn more because I love sucking dick. So just like an episode with great ways of pleasing yourself and pleasing others. I don’t know, might be cool. You could get some clueless hetero guy who is bad at sex and see if you can make him good at sex. Or like someone who gives terrible head and make them good. I don’t know. I just know I’ve been following you for years Karley. You’ve had a positive impact on my life, thank you for that. May your dreams be full of sunshine.

  6. i LOVE love love love love love your series. the first couple of episodes were butt, but these last 2 have been thoroughly entertaining. been showing all my friends. keep up the good work x

  7. this comment refers to the previous post that features you wearing a swastika necklace in one of your innumerable i’m-so-sexy photos. i understand what you think you’re doing but i beg you to just reconsider the next time you are about to do something that you think is shocking (but that is just really stupid and offensive) like making rape jokes or wearing swastikas. your actions are totally transparent although i’m sure you think you’re the first person to ever do anything along these lines. i don’t believe that you mean any harm to anybody, you just want people to think you’re a badass. isn’t your boyfriend jewish? how does he feel about it? maybe he thinks that being offended by a swastika, especially worn in a ‘sexy’ pose, is uncool but for every one insufferable hipster who feels that way there are untold numbers of people who are rightly offended and hurt by it, myself included. it’s not a cute, funny abstraction for vast numbers of people. get it? not funny. not cool. bad. stupid. hurtful. yes, it’s your blog, yes, you have the right to say what you want, yes, we’re tired of being told what to say and what not to say. but you’ve given me a forum to assert the same right, and i’m just reminding you that if you have a choice between making a joke about rape or not, or wearing a swastika necklace or not, you will never regret ‘not.’

      1. Morbid Uncle,

        I do not want to speak for Paul the photographer, but I feel compelled to respond to your ridiculous comment.

        First off, this is a photo shoot for a fashion mag so the aesthetic, setting and wardrobe for the images was clearly thought through, and I was put into those clothes by a stylist. Also, if you read what was written in the post, you would know the photographer was re-creating images taken by girls in his high school. So naturally, the “models” in these images have been made to represent specific characters from his past. Does playing a nazi in a movie mean you are a nazi? No. Does dressing up like a teenage girl from the small town in Southern Florida that Paul grew up in, for a series of narrative photographs, mean that I really am I teenage girl from Southern Florida? No.

        I hate this moral high ground bullshit.

  8. girls can wear jeans and cut their hair short, wear shirts and boots because it’s ok to be a boy.
    but for a boy to look like a girl is degrading, because you think that being a girl is degrading
    but secretly you’d love to know what it’s like, wouldn’t you,
    what it feels like for a girl

  9. love it! I read Grayson Perry’s memoir a while back and he made cross dressing seem totally normal. I still find the pee-drinking a bit weird but if they’re not hurting anyone, why not?

    Yeah, do an episode on love and maybe also on when love ends and all your left with is those awkward moments when you keep bumping in to your ex-boyfriend(s) in social situations. The dilemma: to be fabulous and aloof or claw their bloody eyes out? haha!


  10. ‘it tasted like pee with lemon and pepper’

    British humour Karley! ahaha.

    I find it weird how these men seem so normal!

  11. can’t put my finger on what has changed – as writing you seemed to tease your subjects, but with affection. on film, there is an undercurrent of bullying that leaves me feeling quite bleak.

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