VICE Slutever Show, ep1 – Dating 101

Finally! The VICE Slutever show is here! I really hope you like it. The first four episodes will air every Friday for the next month on I’ve been making the show with my BFF, director/producer Adri Murguia (who also hosts stuff for Vice too, check THIS out). Not to be cheesy, but we feel really proud that this is the first ever show on Vice that is being made for girls by girls. That’s cool, right? I mean, all those other documentaries VICE make about guns and war in the Middle East are cool and stuff, but TBH tampons and sex slaves are equally as important, and I feel like until now they haven’t been given a fair amount of attention. Or whatever.

Cool, can’t wait to read all the hate comments :)

p.s. Thanks Greg Eggebeen, Matt Kazman, Hannah Rose and Angie Sullivan!



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  1. I liked it! Obviously you’ve already shot a bunch of them, so feedback doesn’t do much for the next few episodes, but I hope you push the awkward encounters even more. You set it up in a really traditional style, which makes your actual raw personality even funnier, but that makes me want you to get even more out there and real with people. Looking forward to more eps!

  2. I know you can’t compare this to the stuff you did for Purple, but I feel like the editing of this episode doesn’t portray you in a particularly good light. From reading your blog, your portrayal of naive/dumb girl is humorous as it’s always backed up by your intellect (somehow?) however I feel like the episode fails there, and nothing backs up the dumb/naive act, making it come across too silly.
    But that’s just me, maybe I’m being overly critical and the next episode will change my mind, I love your stuff regardless.

  3. I haven’t liked any of your other video work, since they’re all about your tits and you looking ‘sexy’. But I like this, I guess I like to hear what you have to say rather than jerk off to watching your tits jiggle.

  4. HOLY COW! I love you and this episode Karley!!! I was a huge fan years ago, forgot about it, and came back and just spent HOURS reading your blog. YOURE EVEN BETTER THAN BEFORE if that’s even possible!!!! You make me soo happy to be a girl! Keep doin your thing!!!!

  5. no pressure but i can’t wait for the next one! i swear, i live vicariously through you. oh, also, i have schizophrenia and i have only half a knee-cap. i am disfigured and mentally disabled. but, i am a girl woman.

    just kidding. i’m only 3 glasses in on a wine drunk and my only mental illness is anxiety per the DSM and but really i do have a jacked up knee

    love your heart and your mom. and dad

  6. well, i think that was pretty good but i’ll have to watch it again because all i could think about when i was watching was if and how it could be possible for me to bury my face between your tits and your butt cheeks at the same time. god damn it you are hot.
    hey, you were way hotter in this video than in your purple videos because you’re being funny and natural and not trying to be “sexy” (vomiting as i write that word). attractive people don’t have to try to seem attractive, they just are, and you are. borderline funny here too, i think.

  7. i’ve almost emailed you for blowjob advice before, i’m very happy there was a demonstration in the video. i liked this a lot though karley! i think it works really well. can’t wait for the next one :)

  8. Hilarious! And deliciously cheesy too. Favourite parts: when you walked all the way to your mom’s house and the blow job advice, very informative! Can’t wait for the next one!

  9. KARLEY, I love you so much, but the blowjob advice is waaaaay too short and uninforming. It would be amazing with a longer version including more details, tips and tricks!! BUT anyway this was a very great episode, looking forward for more!

  10. This is basically the adult version of Clarissa Explains It All. and I love that. MJH was my first TV crush, and you are most definitely my biggest internet video series crush.

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