Vice Slutever Show: Orgasms: Where R They?

As we all know, sex is really fun. But then sometimes it can randomly be a frustrating nightmare. Did you know that only 30 percent of women achieve orgasm during sex? TRAGIC! In this episode, I take matters into my own crotch and investigate the ins and outs of female pleasure, speaking with Dr. Barry Komisaruk, who has been studying the science of orgasms for over a decade; celebrity sex therapist Sari Cooper; and porn superstar, Bobbi Starr. You’re welcome.



19 Replies to “Vice Slutever Show: Orgasms: Where R They?”

  1. here’s some advice you didn’t ask for. ever heard a lesbian pontificate about sticking her hand in a vagina and doing the ‘come hither’ finger motion to activate a partner’s ‘g-spot’? wanna know the equivalent of that on a man’s body? an average to mid-sized curvy banana dick, his pelvis grinding up against you, your legs completely spread and in the air like so: ( ever tried one like that? i guess i’m speaking from personal experience, but my boy is like this and i never experienced orgasms in my life like the ones i got from him. of course there is always foreplay and that is obviously necessary but it’s just like the doc said after getting warmed up that position allows for a most intense and like he said dynamic orgasm. fucking a guy with a long straight dick actually were the only times i didn’t cum–pure frustration. hope it works out for you

      1. then that solves the mystery as to why in hell Asian girls in porn are always screaming and squirming…i swear i always wondered about that…their ‘g-spot’ is constantly being rubbed!

  2. wow, that was your best video yet. i seriously learned a bunch.

    btw, the face shot at 02:08 in isn’t Bobby Starr, but Dana DeArmond — they look similar though!

    1. fluid actually comes out of the urrthea like pee but is not pee. The same way semen (which is not pee) comes out of a man’s urrthea when he ejaculates. The fluid comes from the “female prostate” which is located near the urrthea and contains no urine. Hope that clears things up a bit.

  3. karley do you by any chance know of any current studies that i could be apart of as a woman who has never orgasmed? i’ve been sexually active for 8 years and have tried literally everything but i just can’t. vibrators, patience, hands, shower heads, faucets, everything.

    it’s not that i feel nothing i just can never reach climax. it really fucking bums me out.

  4. Hey Karly!
    Awesome video! I think it would be AMAZING is if you did this for the Guy Orgasm. Which I know is sooooo much more simple but I need to know the science of orgasm to keep my boyfriends knees TREMBLING!!!! #continuingsexED

  5. Me and my girlfriend broke up recently and I’m worried that the next girl I end up with will not be able to have vaginal orgasms. To all you girls out there that can’t orgasm from penetration alone it’s a real shame. My ex girlfriend would cry sometimes after orgasms – literally tears rolling down her cheeks. It’s a very powerful experience to share with someone you love.

    1. oh, great! one more person who finds my inability to have vaginal orgasms disappointing and a potential worry. Lord knows that it wasn’t enough for the only disappointed one to be me.

    2. you’re kind of being the opposite of helpful here… we KNOW it’s a big deal for you to get us to cum, so it becomes a big deal for us. and for those of us who have trouble with it, guys like you / thoughts like yours make us feel tons more pressure and make it more difficult. so help us all out (including yourself) and keep thoughts like that to yourself or between the guys.

    3. Poonus, you are an idiot, or just so awash in your own lubricating film of nostalgia that you failed to actually pay attention to this video or the feelings of others whom you are directly communicating with by publishing your soppy wist of a comment. Your general ignorance is stunning and your sweet recollection would be charming if it weren’t couched in such condescending tones of shame and damnation and directed at ALL OTHER WOMAN.

      Chances are, your weeping ingenue of an ex-girlfriend wasn’t coming from penetration alone. Unless she’s one of the something-like-7% of ALL WOMEN who rock that party trick (see also – hands free heart orgasms), she probably got a little bit of clitoral frottage going on in addition to the joys of being penetrated by your magical cock. Even a little bit of clitoral stimulation in an atmosphere already imbued by arousal and enhanced by penetrative sex can be enough to send a girl over that edge, and – news flash – would not qualify as ‘orgasm from penetration alone’.

      But let’s say she did orgasm from penetration alone – still the rest of your comment is brainless and pathetic. There is no hierarchy of orgasms, except the improvement you can create for yourself with a little bit of practice and in partnered sex, good communication and a safe space. I don’t orgasm from penetration alone, but many times I cry like a child when I have an intense orgasm – yes, especially when my g-spot is stimulated, and when I was emotionally bound-up in some way before the intense release of orgasm. Sometimes I laugh. Sometimes I fall asleep, sometimes I can’t speak. Sometimes my partner and I come together. It’s always beautiful and powerful, duh, it’s orgasm.

      Orgasms are good. Squirting ones are not better than clitoral ones are not better than quiet ones are not better than seizure-like ones are not better than… see where I’m going here? You can take your ex-girlfriend’s pedestal and keep it in your pants.

      The two women who have responded to you also seem to feel like it’s their job to have porny, vaginal, successive orgasms for the men in their lives. They are wrong and it’s sad. Orgasms are for joy and for ourselves, and for sharing when it’s a positive space to do so – orgasms are no one’s job. And ignorance like yours just perpetuates these kinds of shaming myths.

      Ladies, come the way you come, it’s fucking beautiful. And if you don’t have orgasms, that’s fine too. If you want one and you haven’t had one yet, buy a vibrator and hold it against your clit, through your panties, until you feel something flutter and pulse repeatedly. Then do it again. and again and again.

  6. wow. life changing video – from this day forward; no more faking. although its kind of annoying – my boyfriend never goes down on me and he also seems to be terrified of my vibrator. when he goes for a post-coital cig i usually just sort myself out down there. needs must eh? sometimes i want to cry about it.

  7. There’s defintily some quality to this episode, constructive and it’s encouraging in some ways. But it still don’t understand how you, as a self confident, indepedent woman can sit in the Professors office looking like a school girl in some shitty porn, twirling your hair like a 15 year old. Sorry, but this is highly absurd to me…

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